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30+ Perfect Penguin Paper Crafts Ideas for Kids to Make

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One lazy afternoon, I was surrounded by little kids armed with scissors and smiles, eager to dive into the creative chaos.

With free templates in hand, we transformed our space into a crafts realm ruled by penguins.

Imagine my surprise when I found the wonders of a single piece of paper and all of these penguin paper craft ideas.

The question was no longer “what can we do at home,” but rather “how many adorable penguins can we make today?”

Each snip and fold became a step in our imaginative play, turning an ordinary day into a beautiful experience.

Take your kids into the world of making beautiful penguin paper crafts by using the free templates available!

Have you ever found yourself submerged in a sea of paper and glue, wondering, “Do we really have to do the same penguin crafts again?”

Well, get ready to see some amazing paper crafts featuring penguins!

Every project is like pressing the reset button on your creativity, letting you create unique peculiarities and aesthetics for your penguins!


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Penguin Lovers

How do you keep up with a child whose penguin love is as vast as the Antarctic horizon?

Can one ever have too much penguin love?

My kids love penguins and see them as the be-all and end-all of cute creatures.

Move over, teddy bears: penguins are the new snuggle champions.

We turned our living room into a penguin sanctuary.

Think penguin cushions, penguin books, penguin toy figures, and more.

It turns out that penguins make fantastic home decorations as well.

Apart from that, we set up a corner dedicated to penguin artworks.

With their flippers, kids went all Picasso, producing works of art that would bring a tear of happiness even from the toughest emperor penguin.

How do you get all of these materials to begin with?

Explore the amazing world of Amazon.

If you’re looking for gems with a penguin theme, Amazon has you covered.

Begin your search online, let the packages waddle to your door, and transform your home into a penguin paradise without breaking a sweat today!

1. When you play the Ice Block Breaking Game Save Penguin Table Game like a boss, you’ll feel like a superhero for these flightless birds!

2. Every piece of this Elite Montessori Penguin Puzzle brings your little geniuses one step closer to these flippy friends, so this is more than simply a puzzle—it’s a brain boot camp.

3. This plush penguin will be the kids’ go-to sleep companion because it’s a snuggling buddy that will send them off to the most amazing dreams!

4. Discover more about these little penguins by reading this How do penguins play book, which has pictures of penguins’ ice skating and having snowball fights on every page!

5. This Be Brave Little Penguin book’s captivating pages guide readers through the bravery of a penguin, teaching young readers valuable lessons about conquering fear.

35 Best Ideas for Easy Penguin Crafts

So here I am, on a quest to share penguin love. Let’s make our way to a world where penguins rule supreme, two googly eyes and a paper plate at a time.

After all, who can resist the allure of a handcrafted penguin?

I believe that the entire world deserves to experience the joy of making these flippy buddies, so I’m sharing all of these 35 best ideas for easy penguin crafts!

printable penguin paper bag puppet for kids

Printable Penguin Paper Bag Puppet Template

A paper bag craft with a puppet template—who wouldn’t want one?

This printable penguin paper bag puppet template is more than just a template; it’s a ticket to a puppet performance featuring the cutest birds on the block.

Let the penguin puppetry commence!

easy arctic penguin craft

Easy Arctic Penguin Craft for Kids with Free Template

You may be wondering, “Why arctic penguins?”

Hold on to your hot cocoa—regular penguins are so last season!

With this easy arctic penguin craft for kids with free paper templates, you can add a chilly touch to your crafts.

free printable simple heart penguin

Free Printable Simple Heart Penguin Art Project

Are you curious about how to transform a plain piece of paper into a work of art that would melt anyone’s heart?

This free printable simple heart penguin art project is the perfect way to say “I love you”!

With a free template at your fingertips, you’ll be sculpting your way into the hearts of your loved ones in no time.

simple DIY heart penguin craft

Free Printable Cut and Paste Heart Penguin Craft

Cut and paste?

Is it really that simple to put this together?

Of course!

This free printable cut and paste heart penguin craft proves that making can be as easy as a penguin’s waddle!

free printable penguin coloring page

Free Printable Penguin Coloring Page

Feeling like coloring but can’t handle the idea of complicated designs?

Let the applause begin for this free printable penguin coloring page—the answer to coloring mishaps without worry!

You’re going to be adding color to your life, so hold onto your crayons!

free printable penguin template

Free Printable Penguin Template

Why settle for ordinary when you can have a paper penguin party?

Your key to making the ordinary extraordinary is this free printable penguin template!

This is your creative canvas for jazzing up your clever penguins.

free printable arctic penguin coloring page

Free Printable Arctic Penguin Template

Can you feel as chilly as an arctic breeze with a piece of paper?

Without a doubt, this free printable arctic penguin template can!

Bring out your colors and make this template into a work of art in a creative igloo.

free printable penguin paper roll craft

Toilet Paper Roll Penguin with Free Printable Templates

How about making toilet paper rolls into a clever companion?

This toilet paper roll penguin with free printable templates is your answer!

It enhances your do-it-yourself activities with the charm and wit of a lovely little penguin.

free printable penguin crafts for kids

Penguin Crafts for Kids of All Ages

Who knew that penguin crafts could transform a mundane day into an exciting masterpiece for children?

These penguin crafts take kids of all ages on a wild voyage of imagination!

These are craft ideas that will inspire our young children to be creative!

free printable penguin craft

Free Printable Penguin Craft for Kids with Penguin Templates

Can kids’ crafts be clever and hilariously enjoyable at the same time with free printables?

Get ready for this free printable penguin craft for kids with penguin templates!

Dive into the fun of crafting, let the laughter flow, and watch as these penguin pals become the beginnings of your creations!

handprint penguin

Handprint Penguin

How can you make a simple handprint into cute penguins?

This handprint penguin transforms small handprints into the prettiest penguins, bringing a unique twist to your art activity.

Let these handprint crafts penguins waddle their way into your hearts!

Simple Paper Penguin Craft for Kids

Is there a video lesson on how to make a penguin party out of a few sheets?

Enjoy this easy-to-follow video tutorial on creating a simple paper penguin craft.

With this craft, kids’ art projects are 10 times easier because it delivers the beauty of penguins directly to your screen.

paper circle penguin craft

Paper Circle Penguin Craft

Are paper punchers handy for you?

Then this paper circle penguin craft is a terrific way to unleash your inner artist!

Make the prettiest penguins out of your paper circles today!

egg carton penguin craft

Make a Fun Craft Penguin with an Egg Carton

How about giving those egg cartons a makeover into amusing penguins?

Learn how by creating this egg carton penguins!

Reusing materials has never been this adorable, so hold off on throwing away those empty cartons!

popsicle stick penguin craft

Popsicle Stick Penguin Craft

Can a popsicle stick and some felt paper work together to build a penguin friend?

Without a doubt!

It’s feasible thanks to these popsicle stick penguins.

Today, transform popsicle sticks and felt into your new crafty sidekicks!

penguin headband craft with free template

Penguin Headband Craft with Free Template

How do you build a DIY penguin headband for a costume party?

Try crafting this penguin headband, which includes a free template.

Put the template to print, get some glue, and let these headbands shine!

DIY penguin bookmark with template

DIY Penguin Bookmark Template and Craft

Are you wondering how to add a bit of cozy winter to your children’s reading experience?

Here’s how to make a DIY penguin bookmark.

This fun activity transforms a simple sheet of paper into a lovely penguin ready to cuddle up with your favorite books.

cardboard tube penguins

Cardboard Tube Penguins

Got empty cardboard tubes lying around and not sure what to do with them?

Meet these cardboard tube penguin crafts!

Truly, what a great way to transform trash into art?

Grab some colored construction paper and make a waddle of buddies that are flipper-loving!

How to Make Rocking Paper Penguin Toy for Kids

How can you combine playfulness with creativity?

Watch this tutorial on making rocking paper penguin toys on YouTube to learn how.

Today, turn your paper into a source of unending entertainment for your older kids!

paper bag penguin craft

Penguin Paper Bag Puppet Craft for Kids

Who knew a simple paper bag could be the gateway to a world of imaginative storytelling for children?

This easy craft will show how to make your own penguin paper bag puppets!

Allow children to bring their imaginative stories to life with a puppet companion that waddles and dances in their hands.

paper plate penguin craft

Paper Plate Penguin Craft for Kids (Free Template)

Did you know that you can transform an average paper plate into your favorite adorable penguins?

For simple crafting, make these paper plate penguins using a free template.

This is the reason I love paper plate crafts so much: they make crafting really enjoyable!

penguin mitten craft

Penguin Mitten Craft

Isn’t it amazing how a single sheet can change into some penguin awesomeness?

This penguin mitten craft is more than simply paper and scissors; it takes you on a voyage to the ultimate penguin crafting adventure.

Create your own penguin paradise by printing, cutting, and pasting!

darling penguin newspaper craft

Darling Penguin Newspaper Craft

Who would have imagined that yesterday’s news would become today’s cuteness overload?

With this darling penguin newspaper craft, you can turn yesterday’s headlines into the beginnings of your creative show.

Hold off on throwing away those old newspapers just yet!

cotton ball penguin craft

Cotton Ball Penguin Craft (Free Penguin Printable)

How can you make a cuddly penguin companion out of a handful of cotton?

Check out this cotton ball cute penguin craft, which comes with a free penguin printable.

With this craft, you may create cute penguins by dipping into the softness of cotton balls!

DIY penguin puppet craft

DIY Penguin Puppet Craft

When you can create your own, why spend money on finger puppet animals?

This DIY penguin puppet craft turns ordinary materials into adorable penguins.

Today, transform your fingertips into puppeteers for your very own penguin theater!

easy penguin bookmark corner

Easy Penguin Bookmark Corner

Ever wish your bookmarks could do more than just help you find your way around?

Instead of settling for generic bookmarks, create this simple penguin bookmark corner.

These aren’t just placeholders; they take you to a world where penguins discuss the narrative twists of your favorite books.

wonder waddling penguins craft

Waddling Penguin Preschool Craft

What if your child’s artwork could waddle from the page and into their hearts?

Preschoolers will enjoy making this waddling penguin craft.

These waddling penguins is more than just a simple project, it’s a penguin dance party waiting to happen!

DIY penguin pencil holder craft

DIY Penguin Pencil Holder

Do you think your child’s desk or art tables might use a little whimsy and waddle?

Make your own DIY penguin pencil holder!

Children can create their own penguin pencil holder that holds pencils and happily waddles across their desks.

build a penguin free printable

Build a Penguin | Free Printable Kids Craft

Did you know that a simple sheet of paper may be transformed into a full-fledged penguin pal?

Use this free printable to build a penguin to learn how!

Your child’s penguin craft leaps off the page into the realm of wonder.

arctic penguin craft

Arctic Penguin Craft for Kids

Have you ever wanted to travel to the edge of the Arctic?

Make this arctic penguin project for kids to experience a cold arctic moment!

Say goodbye to dull crafting and hello to an arctic adventure that will have your child loving the cold fun!

plastic spoon penguin craft

Plastic Spoon Penguin Craft

What if I told you there’s a craft that not only recycles your kitchen supplies, but also turns plastic spoons into an army of penguin buddies?

Get ready to create these plastic spoon penguin crafts!

You can make crafts for an army of penguins with just a few plastic spoons, felt paper, and a little imagination!

how to make pom pom penguins

How to Make Pom Pom Penguins

Are you curious if the fluff of a pom-pom holds the key to happiness?

To find out, try making some DIY pom-pom penguins!

Say goodbye to time-consuming crafts and hello to the calming fluff of these pom-pom penguins!

paper plate penguin

Paper Plate Penguin

Who needs a plane ticket when you can have an Antarctic adventure from the comfort of your own kitchen?

This paper plate penguin is a secret portal to a realm where penguins waddle freely!

Make a masterpiece of penguins out of those simple paper plates!

simple penguin craft for kids

Simple Penguin Craft for Kids and Toddlers – Paper Handprint Activity

Have you ever wondered if you could create a penguin out of a piece of paper and the cute chaos of tiny hands?

This paper handprint penguin craft makes it possible!

This hands-on adventure transforms a plain piece of paper into a penguin canvas that will be forever touched by the creativity of little fingers!

penguin craft for kindergarten

Penguin Craft for Kindergarten

Looking for a fun project that only requires glue stick, construction paper, and scissors?

Make this penguin craft for kindergarten!

This might lead to a pint-sized penguin party for these aspiring artists!

Once upon a time, during a cold and creative period, 35 adorable penguin paper crafts made their way into our homes, inspiring laughter and a creative craze.

But our story doesn’t finish there; now it’s the perfect time to transform those creating tales into a winter wonderland of stories!

We want to know about it, whether your penguins had a dance party or went on fantastic adventures!

Take a picture, send us an email, spill the crafty beans, and let’s make an epic penguin story.

Remember, there’s always room for one more tale of creativity and chaos in the world of DIY penguins.

When you have finished, be sure to share your creation on Simple Mom Project’s Facebook Page and follow me on Pinterest!



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