The next time you’re feeling the winter chill, grab some paper plates and let your imagination run wild. Trust me, these easy winter snowman paper plate crafts are so simple, even a snowman could do them! The best part? Laughter will echo through the room as your paper plates transform into a winter wonderland. Happy crafting, and may your winters be filled with creativity and a touch of frosty fun!

15 Easy Winter Snowman Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

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One really cold day, the snow outdoors was being stubborn, so my two kids and I were cooped up inside with it.

“How do I get rid of these winter blues?”

I wondered.

We set out on a mission with just paper plates, glue, a black marker, and a few pieces of card stock.

I’m not much of a crafter, but these snowman paper plate crafts were very easy!

So, what’s the best way to turn ordinary paper plates into a group of lovely snowmen?

Lots of laughter and a dash of creativity.

As we cut, glued, giggled, and got downright ecstatic with googly eyes, our paper plates were magically changed into a battalion of snowmen ready to march into the winter fun.

Join me as I explore the delights of these crafts, in which common household materials are transformed into the building blocks of a winter wonderland!

How many generic paper plate crafts can one person put up with before becoming a crafty robot on autopilot?

I’m in the depths of boredom from repetitious crafting until I come across these 15 easy snowman paper plate crafts.

They were so refreshing that they nearly breathed new life into my fatigued glue-scissors-wielding hands.

Embrace a winter paradise with each of these adorable paper plate snowman projects and wave goodbye to creative tiredness!


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Fine Motor Skills

Have you ever wondered how you could sneak in some skill-building while making snowman paper plate crafts?

Now allow me to share a little secret with you that will make a covert fine motor skill workout.

The key here is in the details, the small black buttons, the fragile stick arms, and the accuracy required to place the googly eyes exactly so.

It’s like a secret mission to strengthen those small fingers!

With each dab of white glue and each precisely positioned carrot nose, cotton ball or pom poms, string ribbon, craft time turns into a ninja training ground for fine motor skills.

But did you know that there are more snowman-themed products that are like secret agents for fine motor skills?

And sure enough, Amazon has our backs!

From toys with a snowman motif to the cutest materials, I go through a sea of alternatives with ease.

The best part? No lines, no crowds, just myself and my shopping cart!

Come on over and take a peek at these adorable snowman-themed finds that my kids and I really enjoyed!

1. Do you have visions of constructing a snowman during the height of summer? Give way to this Kangaroo’s Do You Want to Build a Snowman, which is prepared to bring much fun and enough snow to the cold outdoors all year long!

2. These Russian Matryoshka Snowman Nesting Dolls will turn your crafts into a symphony of fine motor skills! It’s like a real snowman-building Olympics for those tiny hands!

3. Using these Sew Cute Snowmen buttons make any craft project enjoyable! It turns sewing and creating into a fun activity for all the older kids.

4. Turn a normal snow day into an epic snowball fight without freezing your fingers off! This little guy Snowman Popper Toy is the snowman buddy you didn’t know you needed.

5. Enjoy this Snowman Mosaic Sticker Art Kit for all the young to middle aged kids for some device-free quality time! Transform your icy dreams into a sticker-by-number reality!

15 Snowman Paper Plate Crafts for A Fun Winter Craft

Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a winter break boredom frenzy, anxiously looking for a kid-friendly less-mess alternative crafting outlet?

With these 15 snowman paper plate projects, you won’t have to settle for the same old winter months break slump!

Imagine that, just because of the handy paper plate, a snowman army is forming at your kitchen table.

paper plate spiral snowman craft

1. Paper Plate Spiral Melting Snowman

Why settle for cookie-cutter winter crafts when you can unleash a blizzard of uniqueness with this paper plate spiral melting snowman?

May your winter crafting be joyful and your spirals creative as you set out on your own melting snowman journey!

paper plate snowman

2. Paper Plate Snowman

Who would have believed that a simple paper plate and a dash of creativity could serve as a canvas for a frosty friend?

Superhero of winter crafts, this paper plate snowman will be!

Turn ordinary afternoons into frozen works of art.

snowman paper plate wreath craft

3. Snowman Paper Plate Wreath Craft

Are you wondering how best to light up the snow-covered town with your front doorway throughout the winter?

This snowman paper plate wreath project is the answer!

As you piece together this snowman wreath with cotton balls, happy crafting!

torn paper plate snowman

4. Torn Paper Plate Snowman Kids Craft

Tired of doing the same projects with paper plates?

This torn paper plate snowman kids craft is a tearing frenzy that transforms ordinary plates into icy masterpieces!

Using torn paper could be the secret to an imaginative great craft winter project.

paper plate melted snowman

5. Paper Plate Melted Snowman

Ever wonder what happens to a rosy cheeks snowman when the sun shines too brightly?

Make this paper plate melted snowman to find out!

Let the beauty of winter handicraft come from each drip and droop.

rocking paper plate snowman

6. Rocking Paper Plate Snowman

Who would have thought that the key to making a snowman with a groove could be found on a plain paper plate?

It will be a great winter craft that will be a rolling, rocking good time with this paper plate snowman!

Happy rockin’, my sly friends!

paper plate snowman skier craft

7. Paper Plate Snowman Skier Craft

Want to take your simple paper plate snowman craft to the next level by incorporating some winter athleticism?

Keep your glue sticks handy because this paper plate snowman skier craft is about to take to the slopes!

Experience the swoosh and swirl of winter sports mixed with paper plate creativity.

paper plate snowman

8. Paper Plate Snowman!

Would you like to use a few buttons to transform your plain paper plates into a stylish icon?

Make a paper plate snowman!

Set out on a creative trip using either a small paper plate or big paper plate to combine fashion and creativity!

cute paper plate snowman craft for kids

9. Cute Paper Plate Snowman Craft for Kids

Are you looking for the cutest snowman project that is both fun and easy for younger kids?

This cute paper plate snowman craft is just what you need to brighten up your winter season!

Enjoy the moment when creativity and simplicity collide!

snowman paper plate masks

10. Snowman Paper Plate Masks

Have your children ever wanted to transform themselves into snowmen?

These snowman paper plate masks will make it happen!

Paper plates could serve as the perfect canvas for a festive and fun craft mask, just partner it with a snowman’s scarf and snowman’s hat!

DIY snowman paper plate craft for kids

11. DIY Snowman Paper Plate Craft for Kids

How do you channel all of your winter break enthusiasm into a creative snowman extravaganza?

This DIY snowman paper plate craft will show you how!

A basic paper plate could be the starting point for a plethora of snowman craft projects!

paper plate pop up snowman

12. Paper Plate Pop Up Snowman

Do you want to know how to build a snowman that not only stands tall but also has the charm of a winter wonderland?

Take a look at this paper plate pop-up snowman!

This easy craft will surprise your young kids with its charming playfulness.

movable snowman paper plate craft

13. Movable Snowman Paper Plate Craft

Looking for a snowman craft that can dance, wiggle, and move?

Check out this movable snowman paper plate craft!

You can give your snowmen a little wiggle and jiggle while the Jingle Bell song plays, so don’t settle with the typical snowman project!

Paper plate snowman craft

14. Paper Plate Snowman Craft

Have you ever used pipe cleaners, black puffy paint, and felt to create a craft?

If you haven’t yet, now is the time to do this paper plate snowman craft!

You won’t believe these ingredients could be used to build a melting snowman on a paper plate!

paper plate snow garland

15. Paper Plate Snowman Garland

Having trouble with the bitter cold? Not sure how to transform your space into a winter wonderland?

Make a paper plate snowman garland!

A handy small plate might be used to construct a beautiful snowman garland that dances happily from your walls.

As we finish this frosty crafting adventure with easy winter snowman paper plate crafts for kids, I can’t help but wonder: what snowman wonders will your young artists create?

The beauty of these projects is found not only in the finished product, but also in the joyous process of crafting with your child’s hands and big imaginations.

Give the world a glimpse of your creative works of art with simple paper plates by sharing your snowman creations.

When you have finished, be sure to share your creation on Simple Mom Project’s Facebook Page and follow me on Pinterest!







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