Your kids will love coloring these adorable penguins, so be ready for some major cuteness overload. Prepare to have hours of fun as black and white come to life with a burst of all the brightest colors. These printable coloring pages of penguins are a great way to spread the love of coloring! Grab your crayons and enjoy!

10+ Cute Printable Penguin Coloring Pages for Kids

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As a mother of two energetic bundles of joy, I’m always looking for activities that encourage their creativity.


These cute printable penguin coloring papers were my secret weapon for transforming meltdowns into masterpieces!

My two kids are clustered around the kitchen table with a handful of black-and-white penguins waiting to be transformed with all the vibrant shades of color.

“Why penguins, Mom?”

One of them asked.

Why not, then?

Coloring and decorating these penguin coloring pages felt like a one-way trip to the creative South Pole!

In addition, after learning about penguins, you might teach the letter P and various birds.

Every coloring session is a tiny adventure, with only your imagination as a limit!

Do you feel like you’re trapped in a coloring cycle with your kids?

I’ve been there and colored that!

I’m telling you, finding these cute penguin coloring pages has changed my life!

The days of déjà vu coloring pages are long gone.

With all of these penguin coloring pages for little kids, you can keep things fresh, fun, and allow the crayons to dance to a new beat!


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Species of Penguins

How do you transform an idle afternoon at home into an educational journey through the fascinating world of penguins?

Buckle up for a thrilling adventure!

After coloring some penguin coloring pages, one of my curious kids said, “Mom, why are there so many different kinds of penguins?”, which was followed by another question, “Why do some penguins live in cold areas while others live in warmer climates?”

Rather than having them watch these penguins on their gadgets, we read about penguin-themed books.

My kids were enthralled with these flightless birds, which was a sign for me to spend a week learning more about them.

Now, we’re doing more than simply using crayons and markers to color these cute baby penguins; we’re also learning about the different penguin species’ natural habitat.

Who said learning couldn’t be a fun creative expression?

We also dressed up like penguins and played with puzzles and toy figures.

Plus, Amazon offers everything you need, so you don’t even need to go to the mall to find penguin treats for your younger kids.

Sharing all of these penguin treasures that my kids and I enjoyed!

1. With amazing facts, funny antics and heart-warming penguin pictures, this National Geographic Readers: Penguins! turns learning into a feathery feast. Come on, bedtime stories ought to be this interesting and educational all the time!

2. With this All Things Penguins For Kids: Filled With Plenty of Facts, Photos, and Fun to Learn All About Penguins book, those young minds will be certified penguin experts without the snooze. Discover everything about the coolest aquatic birds in the South Pole by learning all about penguin facts.

3. Ever wish you could bring the Antarctic cuteness straight to your living room without dealing with the chilly temperature? Say hello to these Realistic Penguin Figurines and meet your favorite squad of happy penguins ready to waddle into action!

4. The Mudpuppy Emperor Penguin Mini Puzzle transforms puzzle time into a full-fledged waddle party! Every puzzle piece is a ticket to a jigsaw bonanza, complete with happy feet dancing penguins.

5. These Plush Fun Penguin Hats will give your days a little extra penguin flair! Nothing says ‘cool’ like a headgear that transforms your tiny penguin fans into waddle-tastic adventurers!

15 Realistic Penguin Coloring Pages for Kids of all Ages

Are you willing to take on the challenge of hours of coloring within the icy lines?

Of course, you are!

With these 15 penguin sheets, you’re in for a coloring experience.

These free printable penguin coloring pages feature penguins in all their beauty, from leisurely waddling to amazing ice-sliding feats.

After all, who says these amazing creatures can’t wear polka dots or have rainbow-colored beaks?

free printable penguin coloring page

1. Free Printable Penguin Coloring Page

Have you ever wondered if penguins dream in cheerful colors?

Spoiler alert: they do, and now you can, too!

This free printable penguin is a great coloring page that will help you create your own penguins in bright colors!

free printable penguin template

2. Free Printable Penguin Template

Who knew that mastering the skill of staying between the lines could be as cool as a penguin traveling through frigid waters?

Prepare to color your most perfect way with this free printable penguin template!

Now, use your penguin expertise to improve your coloring and hand-eye coordination skills.

free printable arctic penguin coloring page

3. Free Printable Arctic Penguin Template

With this free printable Arctic penguin template, you may create your own Arctic penguins instead of settling for a world without them!

Hold on to your iceberg and join the creative club.

Take out your crayons and prepare to become an Arctic artist by using your fine motor skills!

penguin coloring pages

4. Penguin Coloring Pages

Have you ever wished to meet a penguin?

These penguin coloring pages are your VIP pass to using coloring combinations that will transform them into realistic penguins.

Make funky-colored penguins out of these pages!

printable penguin coloring pages

5. Printable Penguin Coloring Pages – Lots of Free Sheets

Why settle for a world without technicolor penguins when you can create a masterpiece with these printable penguin coloring pages?

It’s like discovering a gold mine of joy hidden within black and white pages.

Grab some crayons and let these free printable coloring pages release your inner artists!

P is for Penguin

6. P is for Penguin – Plus a Printable Penguin Coloring Sheet

Guess what? P stands for Penguin, not just for pancakes or parades!

Check out this coloring page for P is for penguins.

It’s similar to asking if penguins host the most awesome alphabet parties, to which the answer is unquestionably yes!

free penguin coloring pages

7. Free Penguin Coloring Pages

Have you ever wondered if adding different colors could turn coloring pages into masterpieces featuring penguins?

It can be done with these free penguin coloring pages!

Become a more skilled artist by using penguins as your inspiration!

silly penguin coloring pages

8. Silly Penguin Coloring Pages

Would you like to add a little humor about penguins to your coloring adventure?

These silly penguin coloring pages reveal the secret of stand-up comedy among penguins!

Grab them and join in on the fun with these penguins!

penguin coloring pages

9. Penguin Coloring Pages (Free Printable PDF Templates)

Are you ready to explore the benefits of free coloring pages with penguins?

These penguin coloring pages are available in PDF printable pages, allowing you to convert each page into a work of art.

These are your exclusive passes to Antarctica’s most elegant art gallery!

cute and friendly penguin coloring pages to print

10. Cute and Friendly Penguin Coloring Pages to Print

Ready for an arctic blast of cuteness?

Enjoy coloring pages of these cute and friendly penguins!

These adorable penguins are stress-relieving therapists!

letter P is for penguin free printable

11. Letter P is for Penguin FREE Printable Coloring Page

Why settle for ordinary letters when you can transform this letter P free download coloring page into a stunning work of art?

Explore the Alphabet VIP Lounge, where the bouncers are penguins!

Grab your crayons and get ready for a linguistic coloring experience.

penguin finger puppets

12. Penguin Finger Puppets

Want to put on a little puppet show with an Antarctic theme?

Use these little penguin finger puppets!

Make your fingertips become the beginnings of a penguin spectacular!

penguin coloring pages

13. Penguin Coloring Pages

Are you looking for a great way to jazz up your day?

Say hello to these penguin coloring pages!

These pages are your access to a place where your artistic ability would earn you a high five from penguins!

penguin numbers coloring pages

14. Penguin Numbers Coloring Pages

Have you ever wondered if penguins use their flippers to solve problems and are secret math prodigies?

These penguin numbers coloring pages will allow you to unleash your inner math pro!

Give your coloring routine a dash of Antarctic arithmetic!

So, there you have it, guys! Enjoy exploring the fascinating world of adorable penguin coloring pages alongside your little artists.

Remember that these pages aren’t only for coloring; they’re also for making memories with the entire family.

Take a picture of your creations and email it to someone when they’re ready to be shared with the world!

Who wouldn’t want to spread the happiness of coloring like confetti at a penguin party?

After all, sharing is caring!

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