Printable Snowman Craft with FREE Template

Click now and use this free printable paper snowman template cut out for your next winter craft! This snowman is cute and easy for kids of all ages; including kindergartners, preschool age and toddlers! Use him as a coloring page activity or make a diy Christmas ornament - choice is all yours! #SnowmanCrafts #SnowmanTemplate #WinterCrafts #SimpleMomProject

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It is not Olaf, but you can still build-a-snowman. Get your printer ready because it is about to get cold! Whether you have a kindergartner or preschooler, this creative and simple snowman craft is sure to get them in their holiday spirit! 

We are so excited to share today’s craft, we are making a super cute and super simple, printable Snowman Craft! 

The FREE snowman templates make this cute snowman craft especially easy for all kids. He makes the perfect snowman coloring page activity.

So go ahead and print your absolutely FREE snowman template, follow along with the step-by-step instructions and have fun!

Let’s get crafting!

Do you want to build a snowman? This adorable printable snowman craft with free template will let you build a snowman without snow!

While many people experience snow during the winter season, for others who can’t enjoy building a real snowman you can use my build a snowman printable.

This paper preschool craft for kids is easy, fun, and an excellent winter craft for the whole family to enjoy. Arts and crafts are an excellent project to strengthen your family bond and start having fun together during the holiday break.

Free Printable Snowman Paper Craft for Coloring Page with Template Cut Out

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Printable Snowman Craft with FREE Template

Ways to Use Printable Snowman Crafts

There are many ways you can incorporate this printable snowman craft into your kids’ daily life. Below are just a few of my ideas to help you come up with creative ways to build a snowman craft together.

1. Winter Decorations

I love decorating the home for each season and this build a snowman printable will be an excellent way to showcase your kids’ creativity. Using my free printable snowman crafts template you’ll download, print, and cut out the snowman template.

Have your kids put their snowman together and write their name on the back along with the year. Hang the snowman crafts all over your house for a unique winter decoration idea this year.

2. Classroom Craft Activities

It’s difficult to keep your students attention during the holiday season. That’s why I suggest you use this build a snowman printable as part of your classroom craft activities.

Download and print one snowman craft template for each student. Provide your students with a pair of scissors and glue to let them build a snowman together.

Now that I’ve shared some ways to use this printable snowman craft with free template, it’s time for you to download the build a snowman printable and get ready to have hours of fun with your kids during the winter break.

How to Make This Snowman Craft

Free Printable Snowman Craft for Kids, preschoolers and toddlers

Snowman Craft Materials Needed:

First, gather up all of your supplies and print your desired Snowman Craft Template. 

Free Printable Snowman Craft for Kids, preschoolers and toddlers

Then cut out all of the shapes of your paper snowman craft.

Free Printable Snowman Craft for Kids, preschoolers and toddlers

Once all of the shapes of your snowman are cut out, it is time to start gluing everything together. 

Free Printable Snowman Craft for Kids, preschoolers and toddlers

First, glue on the paper snowman’s head to his body.

Free Printable Snowman Craft for Kids, preschoolers and toddlers

Next, glue on his warm scarf.

Free Printable Snowman Craft for Kids, preschoolers and toddlers

Then, glue on his magical top hat.

Free Printable Snowman Craft for Kids, preschoolers and toddlers

Finally, glue on his stick arms and he is complete! How easy was that and the perfect activity for the classroom in your winter party.


More Options to Use This Snowman Craft:

  • You can print the blank version and trace the cut outs on card stock paper for a sturdier Snowman craft. This option is good for older kids as it is more in depth. Use the below options if you have smaller kids.
  • Print the color version for a simple and easy Snowman craft or,
  • Print the blank version and use it as a coloring sheet activity and then glue the pieces together.

To print your Snowman template, turn the printer on, click on either the color version or black and white then click print.

Free Printable Snowman Craft for Kids, preschoolers and toddlers

Free Printable Snowman Colored Template

This is the easiest version for the kids of the paper snowman craft, print it off, cut along the black lines and glue the pieces together. This is shown in the simple tutorial. 

Free Printable Snowman Craft for Kids, preschoolers and toddlers

Free Printable Snowman Template

My daughter especially loved doing this version too because she was able color her Snowman cut out whatever color she wanted. I helped her with the cutting, but she did everything else by herself. 

When your kids have finished Frosty activity, be sure to share their creation on Simple Mom Project’s Facebook Page and follow me on Pinterest for more awesome and fun crafts!



Kaitlen D.

Simple Mom Project



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  1. I have used your Santa and snowman templet with my 2 1/2 year old grandson. He has enjoyed the pasting and putting the figures together. I have attempted repeatedly to access the elf and reindeer, however each time I click on the link, I am taken to the killer whale, and cannot find either the elf or the reindeer. I would appreciate any help you could offer with this problem, as I have promised my grandson an elf and reindeer the next time we are together.
    thank you for any help you can offer

    1. Hi Thea. Thank you so much for reaching out. Due to religious reasons, we pulled the Santa and Reindeer from the site. Sadly they are not longer available. I am so sorry!

  2. How do I get the other templates like build an elf, Santa, Reindeer and the other Christmas ones? When I click on them it brings me back to the snowman template.

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