Take on the challenge of transforming ordinary paper plates into penguin masterpieces! Can we actually make this work? Of course! With free templates in hand, the game is on! Who knew that paper plates could be so useful? So, if you're looking to liven up your party, grab some paper plates, head over to the templates, and let the penguin party begin!

15+ Penguin Paper Plate Crafts for Kids with Free Template

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Have you ever wondered how to keep the kids entertained and active away from their devices during the winter months without turning your living room into a full-fledged circus?

I’ve been there a lot of times!

On a busy afternoon, my two bundles of energy kept me wondering, “Can crafting really save the day?”

I’ll tell you a secret.

Bring on the penguins and paper plates!

We were armed with free templates and transformed basic paper plates into the most adorable waddling penguin pals.

I swear it worked like a charm!

These aren’t just paper plates and penguin crafts; they’ve become my sanity-saving trick for transforming my skeptical eye rolls into crafty high fives.

Fasten your seatbelts for an exciting tale of creativity, bonding, and some incredibly stylish DIY penguins!

Can you handle another round of identical penguin cutouts and glue blunders?

We’ve got your back!

Say hello to these penguin paper plate crafts for kids, which now include free templates to shake things up.

Prepare to break the cycle and usher in a new era of crafty happy feet fun!

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All Things Penguins

Allow me to take you on an exciting tale into the penguin-filled wonderland that has become my home, thanks to my two kids and their unending love for these feathered friends.

It all began innocently enough, with my eldest receiving a penguin plushie.

And before long, our cozy nights turned into spontaneous gatherings of little penguins.

My young kids, equipped with their favorite penguin book, photographs, and an insatiable curiosity, set out on a quest to learn everything there is to know about all things penguins.

As a mom, I embraced this penguin-centric phase with open arms.

We incorporated penguin facts into our daily conversations, turning mundane moments into educational opportunities.

One unexpected source of excitement has been our discovery of the world of penguin books and toys on Amazon.

As a mother of two active children, convenience has become a lifeline.

Gone are the days of leisurely wandering through aisles at craft stores and markets.

Instead, I’ve embraced the world of online shopping.

One of our best purchases has been a collection of fantastic penguin books that have become bedtime staples.

Good news is that Amazon not only sells books but also a variety of penguin toys, which both of my kids love.

Every purchase, from plushies to interactive toys, has brought in smiles and hours of enjoyment.

We know how fascinating all things penguin are, so we’ve included a list of our most recent Amazon purchases below!

1. Have you ever wondered what happens when baby penguins race with nothing but cuteness and a competitive spirit? Check out this Baby Penguin Racing Board Game, where the smallest flippers lead to the biggest wins!

2. Brace yourselves for punchlines colder than an ice floe and giggles that echo through glaciers! This How to Make a Penguin Laugh book is the secret to tickling a penguin’s funny bone, perfect for the older kids!

3. Penguin Chick (Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science) is a book that teaches us about the parenting expertise that penguins convey in a fun way. This also reminds us that raising a chick is no easy task on the freezing tundra.

4. One of our favorite stuffed animals is the Penguin Plush Stuffed Animal. It’ll be your cuddy pal who is so endearing that you’ll wonder why real penguins don’t come with a “hug me” tag.

5. Realistic Penguin Figurines are a great way to transform playtime into a scientific adventure. Allow these handcrafted figures to waddle their way into your children’s hearts.

19 Paper Plate Penguin Crafts for Kids of All Ages

Turn your plain paper plates into an army of cute penguins that would make even the South Pole envy!

These 19 penguin paper plate crafts show that creativity has no boundaries, not even the Arctic Circle.

Join us in the crafting wonderland where paper plate winter crafts transform into the stage for a spectacular penguin parade that captivates the hearts of both children and adults!

paper plate penguins

Paper Plate Penguin

How do you transform an ordinary household item into a lovable Arctic companion?

Make this paper plate penguin to learn how!

A simple project can become a waddling masterpiece with a few well-placed cuts and creative touches!

paper plate penguin craft for kids

Paper Plate Penguin Craft for Kids (Free Template)

What else can you do with a paper plate and a free penguin craft template?

You construct a paper plate penguin craft for kids!

Paper plates and penguins are proof that sometimes the nicest things in life are as simple as a plate and a pinch of creativity!

Paper Plate Penguin Craft

Did you know that with just a few clicks, you can turn your screen into adorable penguin crafts?

To believe it, watch this YouTube video lesson on how to construct a paper plate penguin craft!

Don’t forget to add googly eyes!

How to make a paper plate penguin craft

How to Make a Paper Plate Penguin Craft

Do you have any ideas for things to add in your penguin unit study?

Make a paper plate penguin craft with paper plates!

You’re in for a penguin adventure with basic craft supplies including black paint, glue sticks, scissors, black and orange paper, and a paper plate!

paper plate yarn weaving penguin craft

Paper Plate Yarn Weaving Penguin Craft

Who knew penguin crafts could be both fluffy and stylish?

Discover more with this paper plate yarn weaving penguin craft!

Get out your yarn and let your children create a textured masterpiece that combines style and coziness with creativity!

rocking paper plate penguin craft

Rocking Paper Plate Penguin Craft

Can a paper plate rock the crafting world?

This rocking paper plate penguin craft proves it!

Learn the fun ideas on how to create a rocking, waddling penguin that’s cooler than the coolest iceberg!

paper plate waddling penguin

Paper Plate Waddling Penguin

Do you want to create a runway-ready penguin?

Look at this paper plate waddling penguin!

Paper plates and a printable template come together to give penguins a chance to shine!

paper plate penguin craft

Paper Plate Penguin Craft

Can you believe your child can create a penguin masterpiece with just a paper plate, a paintbrush, and a little creativity?

Make a paper plate penguin craft to learn how!

Never has a craft looked better than one with black paint and a few stickers!

cotton ball paper plate penguin craft

Cotton Ball Paper Plate Penguin Craft

Could cotton balls be the key to turning a basic paper plate into the fluffiest penguin in town?

With this cotton ball paper plate penguin craft, of course!

Kids can make the fluffiest penguin ever with a paper plate, paint, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, an orange beak, and a bag of cotton balls!

paper plate penguin craft project for kids

Paper Plate Penguin Craft Project for Kids

Do you know what the best part about using paper plates for projects is?

They are helpful with hand-eye coordination and can turn anything you can think of.

Just like this paper plate penguin craft project for kids that you should try!

movable penguin paper plate craft

Movable Penguin Paper Plate Craft

Do you want a cute penguin craft that dances to its own beat?

It’s possible with this movable penguin paper plate craft!

Enjoy as the penguins swirl, waddle, and move their way into the hearts of your little kids!

paper plate penguin craft

Paper Plate Penguin Craft

Have you ever tried threading yarn through a paper plate?

If you haven’t yet, this is the perfect time to create this paper plate penguin craft!

It’s a great twist to construct a penguin’s belly!

rocking paper plate penguins

Rocking Paper Plate Penguins

Can you believe that a single paper plate can produce not one, not two, but three rocking penguins?

Check out these rocking paper plate penguins for yourself!

Enjoy forming a dynamic trio with your children!

paper plate penguin wreath

Paper Plate Penguin Wreath

Thought of something to hang on your door, but all you have are paper plates?

Make this paper plate penguin wreath right now.

A couple of paper plates and some art tools are all you need for a fun craft!

penguin paper pate craft

Paper Plate Penguin Craft

Do you have a child who is constantly eager to try out new art materials?

Then they should do this paper plate penguin craft!

For this craft, get some self-adhesive foam sheets, acrylic paint, googly eyes, and other simple supplies ready.

Paper plate penguin craft for kids of all ages

How to Create a Paper Plate Penguin Craft with Free Penguin Template

Who doesn’t like a fun penguin craft that comes with a free template?

Make a paper plate penguin craft with your kids using a free template!

Get out your paper plates and start crafting the cutest penguin you’ve ever seen!

paper plate penguin snow globe

Paper Plate Penguin Snow Globe

Did you know you could make a snow globe out of paper plates?

Try this paper plate penguin snow globe to find out how!

Enchant yourself with paper plates and a sprinkle of glitter!

paper plate penguin craft for kids

Paper Plate Penguin Craft

Are you looking for something to add to your unit on winter crafts?

This paper plate penguin craft is fantastic!

Kids of all ages may easily make it with just a few simple craft supplies.

DIY flapping paper plate penguin puppet

DIY Flapping Paper Plate Penguin Puppet

How can you make a puppet that makes penguins dance, waddle, and maybe even do some fancy flips?

Learn how to do it with this DIY flapping paper plate penguin project!

Penguins will star in your very own flap-tastic show!

Could you picture creating a cute penguin gallery out of a plain paper plate?

With so many free templates available, here is your chance to create adorable penguin paper plate crafts for kids!

And, hey, don’t be shy if your kids create a penguin masterpiece worth sharing.

Take a picture, email it to us, and together we can make our creative adventure into a penguin parade!

When you have finished, be sure to share your creation on Simple Mom Project’s Facebook Page and follow me on Pinterest!







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