Snow globes are a great way to capture winter. Click to download the free cut out snow globe template and turn this animated snow globe template into a fun school worksheet for a crafty morning!

Free Printable Snow Globe Template

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If you are looking for a winter crafty morning to do with the kids, give this free printable snow globe template a try.

It’s a blank snow globe printable template, making it perfect for home, school or daycare.

The simple printable snow globe template is a free transparent background clipart image where you can turn it into globe coloring pages, cute snow globe ornament craft, winter art decoration, stencil and more.

If you’re planning to teach your little one in writing the alphabet, be sure to include this preschool printable snow globe template.

The free printable snow globe drawing worksheet helps children develop their fine motor skills and creativity.

Print out as many simple snow globe templates as you need to share with your family and friends during the winter season.

Printable Winter Templates for winter themed crafts for preschoolers toddlers and kindergartners 8


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Free Printable Snow Globe Template

Snow Globe Template Materials Needed:

Make your child’s finished snow globe template a forever memory by laminating it! We use this laminator and cannot express how much we love it! It is not only inexpensive, it is SO easy to use!

Your kids will love seeing how much you adore their art work when you laminate and display it for years to come!

Need more lovely winter templates for the kids? Check out this free printable Snowman, Sled and Ice Skates template!


Ideas for Snow Globe Template

Here are some of the awesome lists on how to include this free printable snow globe template in your daily life with the kids.

1. Snow Globe Children’s Books

Reading with your kids is one of the most perfect indoor activities you can do during the cold months.

It will help you connect with your little one and develop their literacy skills.

Here are the favorite snow globe books of my children that will surely be loved by your little one, too!

2. Cute Snow Globe Card

Planning to hold a winter-themed party? We got you!

We have the best DIY invitation cards ideas using this simple printable snow globe template.

First, let your preschooler color the simple snow globe drawings and cut out each printable template.

Fold the colored construction papers into half, and glue on the finished snow globe clipart on the front page.

Using a black sharpie or glitter pens, write down all the party details.

Add a cute ribbon to each snow globe card, and distribute it to your friends.

Printable Winter Templates for winter themed crafts for preschoolers toddlers and kindergartners



3. Easy Paper Plate Snow Globe Craft

We are having a lot of fun with this preschool printable snow globe template, we thought it would be amazing to create our very own snow globe craft.

Gather all the classic materials and let’s start crafting!

Start painting the paper plate blue and leave it for a few minutes to dry.

Glue on some cotton balls at the bottom part of the paper plate.

For the snowman inside the globe, you may want to use our free printable snowman template.

Simply, print it in a smaller size that would fit in the middle part of the paper plate.

Cut the snow globe base out from a black paper then lay it at the bottom of the plate.

We want our snow globe craft to stand out, so it’s best to add decorative items such as beads, glitters and these free printable small snowflake templates!

4. DIY Snow Globe Ornament

My family loves decorating the house for every season!

This easy printable snow globe template can be part of your winter home décor by turning it into a cute laminated photo ornament.

Once your little one is finished coloring and designing their blank snow globe drawing, cut the printable snow globe template out.

Glue on your child’s 1×1 photo in the snowman’s face.

Laminate the entire snow globe clipart and trim out all the excess parts.

Punch a hole in the top for string and hang it anywhere in your living room.

There are a lot of great ideas in using this free printable snow globe outline template for your toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartens.

We hope you enjoyed every single one of it!

Printable Winter Templates for winter themed crafts for preschoolers toddlers and kindergartners 8


Printable Snow Globe Template:

Free Printable Snow Globe Template for kids preschoolers toddlers


Does your kindergarten love to build a snowman craft? Well, great news!

They will definitely adore this easy printable snow globe template design that has a cute snowman inside the globe!

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We don’t want to miss all your amazing experiences in making these free printable snow globe vector templates with your kids.

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Free Printable Woodland Forest Rabbit Coloring Page for Kids Preschoolers Toddlers and kindergartners

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More Wonderful Winter Template

It may not be Olaf or have a real carrot nose, but this free printable large snowman template is a great way to enjoy a fun winter craft! Use it as a traceable activity or build your own by cutting it apart and gluing it to a blank sheet of construction paper. You can even turn this snowman template into an easy coloring activity!

Do your kids love the snow? Do they like riding in a sled? Before you go on your next winter wonderland sleigh ride, why not color your own first? The free printable sled template is a great way to decorate your mantel for the winter! Click now to download and print the free sled template today!

Are you having an ice skating party? Why not use these free printable ice skate templates as fun invitations? You can also think up fun craft ideas to do with the kids at the party with these ice skate printable templates. You can even turn this ice skate template into a writing prompt activity with your kindergarten class. Click to download your free printable ice skate template today!

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