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50+ Printable Snowman Craft with Free Templates for Kids

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Have you ever been in the thick of winter with kids bouncing off the walls and running about and wondered, “How can we turn this chilly time into an adventure without braving the cold?”

I know I’m not the only one who has been there.

But, thanks to this printable snowman craft with free printable templates, we’ve transformed our home into a winter wonderland without the cold!

So, if you’re searching for a fun and creative project to do at home with your kids, I wholeheartedly recommend these!

It’s a lot of fun and a great way to beat the winter blues.

Prepare to create memories and snowmen like you’ve never seen before!

Tired of seeing the same old winter crafts year after year? I get it.

As a mom, I’ve seen my fair share of paper snowflakes and cotton ball snowmen.

Don’t get me wrong: they’re classics, but after a while, you begin to crave something new and interesting.

So, it’s time to shake things up and try out some new winter activities with these printable snowman crafts and activities.

No mitts or snowsuits required!

The best part, these fun crafts are also great for hot summer days!


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Winter Season

When the snow falls and the days grow shorter, it’s easy to fall back into the old routine of binge-watching shows and sipping hot cocoa.

I’ve been down that icy path and come back with a treasure trove of fun ideas to share.

What if I told you there’s a way to turn those cold days into nonstop fun right from the comfort of your own home.

In our house, we chose to embrace the comfort of winter and turn it into its own adventure.

The trick?

A mix of our favorite winter activities, captivating books, and interactive toys to keep young minds active and stimulated.

We created a reading nook filled with winter-themed novels that sent us away to far away, snow-covered places.

We went on snowy expeditions with some winter-themed toys.

We couldn’t get enough of it, and neither could the kids!

We included winter-themed puzzles and even interactive board games to keep the creative juices flowing.

They were more than simply toys; they were doorways to family bonding and learning opportunities!

We bought all of the things we used on Amazon, and we’d love to share them with you.

Amazon has become our one-stop-shop for all things winter fun.

So, if you want to make your winter season a breeze, why not give Amazon a try without braving the cold?

1. How to catch a snowman book is the perfect guide to transforming your winter wonderland into a frosty hunt for the snowman. 

2. These snowball fun set plush snowmen balls are the cutest you’ve ever seen, and they’re always ready for an indoor snowball fight – no frostbite involved!

3. Now that winter is here, fun express snowman peg game is one of our favorite tabletop games. It’s easy to play with, and even toddlers can do it!

4. Matryoshka dolls handmade wooden snowman are reminiscent of a charming Russian nesting doll surprise with a wintery touch!

5. This snowman plush toy is a soft, cuddly piece of winter that you may snuggle all year! They’re the perfect winter friends for snuggles and playfulness, thanks to their soft, squishy bodies and carrot noses.

51 Winter Season Snowman Crafts and Activities for Kids of all Ages

Who’s up for a snowman extravaganza?

Your golden ticket to a never-ending winter of imagination is these 52 snowman crafts and activities!

Whether you’re building snowmen indoors or making snowman-shaped paper plates, these creative activities are genuine, pure snowman fun!

Kids of all ages will be grinning from ear to carrot nose with these!

1. Free to Print Cut  and Paste Snowman Craft Template

Why sweat over difficult crafts when you can have a snowman-making party at your fingertips with this free snowman craft template?

It’s like a do-it-yourself snowman kit, except without the frostbite.

Simply cut and paste, then unleash your artistic side!

2. Printable Snowman Craft with FREE Template

Who knew building lovely snowmen could be so simple and fun?

You can bring the snowman wonderland straight into your home by simply printing, cutting, and pasting.

It feels like any day can be snow days without having to deal with chilly toes!

3. Printable Snowman Paper Bag Puppet Template

Who needs pricey puppets when you can use this snowman paper bag puppet template to transform an average paper bag into your very own snowmen superstars?

It’s your own puppet show in the works, with no strings attached!

Cut, print, and let your creative juices flow.

4. Free Printable Snowman Template

Are you tired and weary of wasting hours looking for the perfect snowman template?

Grab this free printable snowman template and you’ll have your icy pal on the go in no time!

This is certain to make snowman building quick and easy fun.

5. Free Printable Snowman Craft with Accordion Legs

Want to add some flair to your winter décor?

Why not make this free printable snowman craft with accordion legs?

It’s like constructing your own DIY snowman with some major dance moves.

Simply print, fold, and watch it groove its accordion legs!

6. Sneezy The Snowman Inspired Craft for Kids (Free Template)

Have you ever wondered if snowmen catch colds?

With this Sneezy The Snowman-inspired easy craft for kids that includes a free printable template, you can finally investigate that chilly mystery!

Prepare to make your own snowy friend, and who knows, you might even offer them a tissue when they sneeze!

7. Snowman Card Craft Template: Free Printable

Who says creating can’t be fun, especially when it’s as simple as building a snowman with the push of a printer button?

There’s so much to do and so little time, but don’t worry because this snowman card craft template will help you create a frosty masterpiece in minutes.

Prepare to melt your loved ones’ hearts with this charming snowman card!

8. Snowman Template (Free Printable PDF)

Is it snowing outside?

You can use this snowman template to make your very own winter friend, whether it’s officially winter or it’s simply wishful thinking.

Anyone with paper and a printer can print anything, so who needs snow?

9. Printable Snowman Craft for Kids

Why wait for snow to build a snowman when you can make one with this printable snowman craft for kids?

Get ready for some snowy fun without the cold fingers, and watch those small cheeks light up with delight.

Simply print, cut, and get creative!

10. Paper Strip Snowman Craft for Kids with Printable Template

Do you want to make a snowman that won’t melt on your living room floor?

The easiest thing to do is make this paper strip snowman craft!

Who says you can’t have some chilly fun without being cold?

11. Snowman Dot To Dot Printables for Kids

Looking for an enjoyable approach to keep your kids engaged while also improving their brain power during the chilly months?

Why not try these dot-to-dot snowman printables?

Connecting the dots might transform a plain snowman into a work of art!

Sponge Stamped Snowman craft for kids of all ages


12. Sponge Stamped Snowman Craft

Are you ready to transform your kitchen sponge into a snowman masterpiece?

Give those sponges a new purpose and make some awesome winter artwork with this sponge stamped snowman craft!

Prepare to stamp your way to fun times with snowmen!

13. 3D Paper Snowman

Want to add a three-dimensional look to your winter décor?

Make this 3D paper snowman by yourself!

A plain piece of paper can be transformed into a unique work of icy art.

Name Snowman Preschool Craft for Kids of all ages

14. Name Snowman Preschool Craft and Free Printable

Do you want to make learning names a snowy experience for your preschoolers?

The name snowman craft is coming to save the day!

Teaching names may be both icy and enjoyable.

Prepare yourself for an entertaining and educational snowman-building experience!

15. Easy Snowman Art for Kids (Resist Art Craft with Free Template)

Who would have thought that some resist art could transform an ordinary snowman into a stylish work of art?

You can accomplish that with this easy snowman craft for kids!

It’s a unique approach to winter art that’s both engaging and instructive.

16. Snowman Tissue Paper Craft for Kids (Free Template)

Did you know you could make a snowman out of tissue paper?

You’ll be wondering, “Can crafting get any cozier?” after making this snowman tissue paper craft.

Prepare to create a snowman that is incredibly lovable—like a cozy winter companion!

17. Snowman Craft

Are you looking forward to making a snowman as fluffy as a marshmallow in a cup of hot cocoa?

This snowman craft could be the key to creating winter cuteness!

Who needs snow when you have nice, fluffy cotton balls at your fingertips to build a snowman?

18. Free Snowman Template Printables

Do you want to make a snowman without going outside in the cold?

Hello, free snowman template printables!

You could get so much icy happiness out of a piece of paper.

Simply print, cut, and start decorating your snowman!

19. Paper Plate Snowman Twirler

Looking to make your winter crafts a swirling sensation?

This paper plate snowman twirler will have your imagination spinning!

With a creative snowman friend, twirl, swirl, and twinkle to turn a paper plate into something more entertaining than a plate!

20. Handprint Snowman Craft for Kids (Free Template)

How can you make those tiny handprints into lovely snowmen?

With this handprint snowman craft for kids, you’ll find the key to crafting snowman masterpieces from the palm of your hand!

Transform handprints into snowmen that melt hearts instead of snow.

Printable Snowman Craft for Toddlers, Preschoolers and Kindergarten Kids

21. Printable Snowman Craft

Spending so much time looking for a snowman template?

Put an end to it today, because this printable snowman craft has a template available for download!

Print your template, take your scissors and glue stick, and get ready to make your winter friend without even leaving the house!

22. How to Draw a Cartoon Snowman – A Step by Step Guide

Do you want to make a snowman cartoon?

Take your pencil and follow along with this step-by-step guide!

You’ll learn how to draw a snowman that looks cool even in the coldest winter weather.

23. Pom Pom Popper Snowman

Did you know that pom poms may be a snowman’s hidden weapon in an indoor snowball fight?

This pom pom popper snowman will give your winter crafts a whole new look.

Play the game, pop, aim, and have a blast!

Snowflake Snowman Craft for Kids of all ages

24. Snowman Snowflake Craft for Kids

Who would have thought snowflakes could be so versatile?

Why not make snowmen out of snowflakes?

Celebrate the joys of winter in a way that will warm your heart with this snowman snowflake craft!

25. Recycled Newspaper Snowman Craft

Have you ever created something out of an old newspaper?

You can add a playful and icy touch to recycling with this recycled newspaper snowman craft.

The news of yesterday might inspire today’s cute craft idea!

26. Snowman Craft

Already experiencing the winter blues and in need of some creative inspiration?

With this snowman craft, you can make a happy snowman companion out of a few simple craft supplies!

Prepare to enjoy a freezing good time without a snow shovel in sight!

27. Snowman Headband Craft for Kids (Free Template)

How cool is it to wear snowmen as a headpiece?

Make a snowman headband craft for your young kids to transform those icy pals into wearable winter art.

Who says mittens and scarves are the only accessories appropriate for the winter break?

28. Paper Bag Snowman Craft Puppet

Can you imagine that your ticket for a puppet performance may be a simple paper bag?

With this paper bag snowman craft puppet, you’ve got a little winter performer on your hands.

Give your snowman puppet the limelight and a place to stand out!

29. Melted Snowman Craft and Poem

Weary of those snowmen with flawless circles?

What about making a craft out of a melting snowman?

With puffy paint, you can make a wonderfully droopy melted snowman craft.

It’s quirky, cute, and guaranteed to put a smile on your kids’ faces!

30. Melted Snowman Craft

Who would have guessed that a melted snowman could be made out of a plastic fruit cup?

You can make a funny slushy scene with this melted snowman craft made from a plastic fruit cup.

Prepare to unleash some creative chaos and give your fruit cup a second chance at life!

31. Snowman Fingerprint Card – Adorable Handmade Pop-Up Card

Have you ever wanted to create a handmade, beautiful pop-up card that is just like a snowflake?

This snowman fingerprint card will wow your loved ones with a handmade card as unique as your fingerprints!

When you have your own cards, who needs store-bought ones?

32. Swirly Glue and Glittery Snowman Craft

Want to add even more shine to your simple snowman craft idea?

Make a piece of art out of your glue by making this swirly glue and glittery snowman craft!

Today, add a little sparkle and swirl to a winter bliss!

33. Snowman Painting – Winter Craft Idea

Who says you can’t build a snowman without snow?

This snowman painting craft idea only requires a piece of paper and paint to capture the snow!

Make a year-round masterpiece out of your love for snowmen!

34. Snowman Card Craft for Kids (Free Template)

What’s better than a snowman’s smile on a cold winter day?

This snowman card craft is sure to make your kids happy!

It’s so simple, yet it will warm your heart on the coldest days!

35. Paper Snowman Craft

Can you imagine how happy your kids would be when they see their snowmen come to life?

This paper snowman is sure to delight children, especially with his adorable googly eyes that would make Frosty envy!

Who doesn’t adore a snowman with a glimmer in its eye?

36. Coffee Filter Snowman Craft

Have you ever done a craft with a coffee filter?

With this coffee filter snowman craft, you can turn a basic coffee filter into the cutest snowman in town!

Experience a creative journey that will instantly warm your heart more than a steaming cup of coffee!

37. Snowman and Cardinal Craft for Kids

What’s cuter than a snowman? Of course, a snowman chilling with a cardinal!

Your children’s favorite characters from winter books will come to life with this snowman and cardinal craft.

Now let your kids create this cute pair!

38. Q-Tip Painted Easy Snowman Craft (Free Template)

Who knew that Q-tips could transform our children into little artists?

The key to snowman wonder is this simple Q-tip painted snowman craft that comes with a free template!

With these tiny cotton swabs, your children will be making snowmen fit for an art museum.

39. Snowman Name Craft for Kids

Has a snowman with a name tag ever caught your eye?

This snowman name craft for kids takes snowman customization to a whole new level!

Kids can get creative and bring you their own little snow pals with their names on them!

40. Paper Bowl Snowman Craft

Can you make a snowman out of a paper bowl?

You can count on it!

This paper bowl snowman craft transforms ordinary materials into frozen works of art.

Create a snow-themed DIY fun project right now!

41. Paper Rosette Snowman Craft

You can throw a snowman party any time of year, so why wait for winter?

You’d be shocked how well this paper rosette snowman craft can replicate the charm of a real snowman!

Make this snowman craft with your kids to spark a creative snowball!

42. Snowman Paper Plate Masks

Have you ever worn a paper plate mask?

This snowman paper plate mask brings the snowman spirit into your home.

These fun snowman masks would be perfect for an indoor snowman party!

43. 3D Paper Snowman Craft for Kids

Why wait for the first snowfall when you can experience a 3D snowman adventure right at home?

The answer to a wintry puzzle is this 3D paper snowman craft.

Kids can easily bring these snowmen to life with a few folds and cuts!

Snowman Coloring page for kids of all ages

44. Snowman Coloring Pages

Is drawing a snowman on paper as much fun as making one outside in the snow?

You bet your crayons it can!

You can recreate a winter wonderland indoors with these snowman coloring pages free printables without getting any snowflakes on your socks.

45. 3D Paper Snowman Craft

Do you want to give your snowman a new look?

This 3D paper snowman craft with a fun snowman’s hat proves that snowmen can be trend setters as well!

Make a paper snowman with a colorful, elegant hat that steals the show out of basic materials!

46. DIY Snowman Paper Plate Craft for Kids

Looking for a craft that will turn your kids into snowman sculptors without the frostbite?

Your wintertime dreams will come true with this DIY snowman paper plate craft!

You can make a beautiful snowman out of a paper plate from your kitchen, I’ll bet your snow boots!

47. Paper Plate Snowman Craft

Can a paper plate be used as a canvas for a snowman masterpiece?

Of course, it does!

This paper plate snowman craft is about to transform your kitchen into a winter art studio.

Grab some plates and transform them from ordinary to amazing!

48. How to Draw a Snowman – A Step-by-Step Guide

Have you ever wanted to use just a pencil and piece of paper to make a snowman come to life?

This step-by-step guide will teach you how to draw a snowman.

Grab a pencil and paper, follow our frost-friendly guide, and see your snowman ideas come true!

49. Free Printable Snowman Paper Craft

Why brave the cold weather to build a snowman when you can construct a frosty companion with only a click and snip?

This free printable snowman craft is here to help you make the most of your winter crafting time!

Your paper snowman is ready for the blizzard—just print, grab a pair of scissors to cut, and color!

50. Paper Snowman Craft

With a few sheets of white construction paper, what more could you do?

Why not give this paper snowman craft a try?

It’s like a technicolor wonderland, transforming flat sheets into a 3D paper snowman creation.

51. Snowman Paper Card

Who said snowmen have to be grounded?

This paper snowman card is hand-standing tall in a winter wonderland, living on the brink.

Not only are these hand-standing snowmen overcoming gravity, but they’re also rewriting the frozen rulebook!

Okay, snow lovers, we know how excited you are to transform your living room into a winter wonderland with all of these printable snowman crafts.

We’re looking for the coolest snowmen in town, and yours might be the star of the snow show.

So why not display your frozen masterpieces somewhere else than the fridge and bulletin board?

Grab your phone, take a picture, and send it our way.

We want to see it!

Don’t be shy; let your icy pal shine!

When you have finished, be sure to share your creation on Simple Mom Project’s Facebook Page and follow me on Pinterest!







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