Click to get your FREE printable rainbow cloud template to make this easy and fun DiY rainbow wand craft for kids! Make them at home or for your classroom to tie into your weather unit. They also make really cute party favors for a rainbow or My Little Pony Birthday!

Simple DiY Rainbow Wand Craft For Kids

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Whether you are looking for something fun to do with your kids at home or a fun art project for kids in the classroom, this Rainbow Cloud Wand is sure to put a smile on their faces!

We home school our daughter and used this to tie into our weather unit and she absolutely LOVED it!

My daughter is hard to please, so if she loved making her rainbow wand, I know your toddlers will too!

This simple rainbow craft for kids I so easy to do!

Use the free rainbow template and follow along with the tutorial and your rainbow is sure to shine.

I love that you can use this simple DIY rainbow wand craft for kids to encourage boys and girls to gather around the craft table to participate in an easy art project at home.

Simple DiY Rainbow Craft Wand

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Make Your Own Rainbow Cloud Wand

Your toddlers will love how the rainbow ribbons swirl around when your kids use this printable art craft for kids.

Not only can you use this simple DIY rainbow wand craft for kids as part of your classroom weather unit, but it’s quite possibly an excellent way to teach toddlers about the different colors.

Work with your kids to help them place the colorful ribbons in the right order of the rainbow using the old method of ROY G BIV.

This “cheat” for the order of the colors of the rainbow has been used for centuries to help toddlers learn what order the colors of the rainbow go in.

This easy to remember acronym for the rainbow will delight toddlers and preschoolers who want to learn more about the colors of the rainbow.

ROY G BIV translates to the colors of the rainbow in order; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

You may want to help your toddlers understand that indigo is not generally a ribbon color option, so they can opt to go with a ribbon color that has a shade in between blue and violet or skip that color altogether in their rainbow wand craft for kids.

Rainbow Wand Supplies:

This rainbow craft for kids requires a few supplies such as the free rainbow printable template, foam sheets, tacky glue, ribbon and dowel rods.

With just these few supplies you’ll be well on your way to creating this wand craft for toddlers.

This is a fun DIY craft for kids that encourage your kids to have a newfound love of rainbows.

This is an excellent craft for kids that may be working on a homeschool weather unit or simply have a love of rainbows.

These are the supplies we used to make this super cute Rainbow Wand

Print your FREE rainbow cloud template, gather up your supplies and lets get started!

How to Make a Rainbow Wand Tutorial:

DIY Rainbow Craft Wand Step 1

After you have printed your free cloud template (found at the bottom of this page) cut and trace the cloud shape on a white foam sheet.

DIY Rainbow Craft Wand Step 2

Next, layer your desired ribbon colors and glue them on like the picture above. You may need to adjust the ribbon slightly to even them out.

DIY Rainbow Craft Wand Step 3

Next, glue on the other cloud you cut out using the rainbow template.

Leave a small opening at the bottom. Then, dab about a quarter size amount of tacky glue inside the openings and place your dowel rod inside your DIY rainbow cloud wand.

Finally it is done! Let it dry for about 30-45 minutes to fully set and this rainbow craft will be ready for a play time adventure!

You’ll want to click and get your free printable cloud template to make this easy and fun DIY rainbow wand craft for kids. Make the project at home or for your classroom to tie into your weather unit. They also make really cute party favors for a rainbow or My Little Pony Tea Party.

To print your Rainbow Cloud stencil, simply click on the image below and print. It is that easy!


Rainbow Cloud Wand Template


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As you can see, using printables for art at home with toddlers and another project for kids to enjoy using their imagination will encourage hours of learning, play and increased fine motor skills.

The positive experiences your toddlers will gain from making their rainbow wand craft for kids will go well beyond this quality time spent together to make crafts for kids.

Simple DiY Rainbow Craft Wand Pin

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-Kaitlen D.



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