Reach for the stars with this kids' printable moon stencil template! Let their imaginations soar as they quickly create lunar marvels. Perfect for artistic endeavors, science pursuits, or simply adding a touch of cosmic beauty to any creation. Launch yourself into a creative universe and turn every moonlit into a brilliant one!

Free Printable Crescent Moon Stencil Template

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Want to take your DIY crafting projects to space?

Do you wish to capture the wonders of the night sky using only your hands and some craft supplies?

With this free printable crescent moon stencil template, I’ll tell you about moonlit creativity.

Not only does it add the perfect moon shape to your artwork, but it’s also a great way to improve your fine motor skills.

I’ve been wanting to do an art project with my kids that captures the splendor of the night sky, but we can’t seem to get the perfect crescent moon shape.

With this moon stencil, we dove into our cosmic creation, traced and colored with joy like astronauts on a quest to explore the wonders of the universe.

So, who is ready to embark on a cosmic creative adventure under the moonlight?

Download your free printable moon templates today!

Are you bored with the same old crafts you do?

We have the crescent moon stencil template just what you need to get started on a new artistic venture!

This reusable stencil is your ticket to a world of creativity, whether you’re using it to decorate your bulletin boards or trace the form of the moon onto paper.

With our printable templates, you can blast off into a realm of imagination! 

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Free Printable Crescent Moon Stencil Template

Moon Stencil Supplies Needed:

Fun Ways to Use the Printable Crescent Moon Stencil Template

With all of these fun ways to use the crescent moon stencil, the night sky’s the limit to your artistic explorers!

Play around with the reusable stencil to create different sizes of moons.

Get your little astronauts together and explore all these incredible uses for the moon stencil and find out which one is your favorite use of our printables!

1. Phases of the Moon

Do you want a great way to teach younger children about the moon phases?

Let me take you on an adventure through the stars as my children and I discovered the moon phases with the free printable crescent moon stencil template.

Eager to discover the secrets of the night sky, my inquisitive children gathered beneath the glistening stars.

With our crescent moon stencil and blank moon templates in hand, we set out to discover the secrets of lunar phases in a fun and engaging way.

We traced different sizes of moon shape on construction paper as I explained the different phases and how they look in the night sky.

Sun templates can also be used to simulate sunlight throwing shadows on the moon, allowing younger learners to better understand the science behind each phase.

This reusable stencil guarantees that the learning never ends, making it a great way to pique students’ interest in the marvels of the universe while also leaving them with an appreciation for the beauty of the night sky.

Fascinated with the wonders of space? Learn more about it with our Sun Templates, Star Templates and Solar System and Space Theme Crafts. Blast off into a world of creativity!


2. Solar System Crafts

So there we were, looking for fun DIY crafting projects that would not break the bank.

In our own home we set out to explore space using construction paper, paint, and a free printable crescent moon stencil template.

We went to work with our versatile free printable crescent moon templates.

We painted and created our way through the solar system, from the gloomy skies of the new moon to the brilliant brilliance of the full moon.

Every moon and planet form we created seemed like a little triumph.

With a dash of dark paint and a lot of imagination, we turned our canvas into a beautiful solar system masterpiece.

It was difficult not to be taken away by the beauty of our solar system crafts as they came to life.

And my favorite part?

This amazing solar system adventure didn’t cost us a thing because the crescent moon stencil is available for free download!

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the moon and planets, start with free printable crescent moon templates and prepare to blast off into a world of exploration for no additional cost!

3. Fun Facts about the Crescent Moon

I find the crescent moon to be the most interesting phase of the moon.


Because it appears to be everything you could possibly imagine.

It appears to be smiling or peering from its back, bottom, side, or upside down, and it is simply stunning to look at.

And these fun facts will make you and your children fall even more in love with this moon phase.

These facts can also be shared during a moon phases lesson or while using the free moon templates.

In its first or last quarters, the crescent moon is seen early.

This moon phase’s orientation changes according to the viewer’s location, the time of day, and the season.

The crescent moon may appear to be frowning at any time of night, no matter where you are on Earth.

This phenomenon is limited to around midday, when it is in full sunshine.

While working on the moon stencil, you may also watch videos of the moon phases to give your children a clearer image of what a crescent moon looks like in the sky.

Printable Crescent Moon Stencil Template

Convertkit form:

Set the stage for a cosmic journey with this free printable moon stencil template.

With our latest version of free moon template and moon image, the night sky is your limit for creativity.

This moon stencil is perfect for learning about the moon phases, building solar system crafts, or exploring the wonders of the night sky.

All of it is available for free personal use, so feel free to express your creativity to the fullest!

Come along on this celestial adventure and show us your artwork created using stencils of the moon!

When you have finished, be sure to share your creation on Simple Mom Project’s Facebook Page and follow me on Pinterest!

Kaitlen D.

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