8 Free Printable Large and Small Gingerbread Man Templates

Click now for 8 FREE printable gingerbread boy, gingerbread woman and a gingerbread man template matterns. They are perfect holiday coloring pages, diy Christmas ornaments or use the gingerbread man outlines in your holiday sewing crafts. #gingerbreadman #gingerbreadmantemplates #HolidayCrafts #HolidayColoringPages #SimpleMomProject

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I love the smell of Christmas! Especially the smell of fresh baked gingerbread cookies. However, this mother is NOT a good baker – just ask my kids. So instead, I put my talents to better use and I have put together 8 cute, easy, cut out and absolutely FREE printable gingerbread man templates

They can be used in so many different holiday crafts. See below on ways we plan to use these gingerbread men and women outlines.

Enjoy this free printable gingerbread boy, gingerbread man, and gingerbread woman template. These are the perfect holiday coloring pages for kids. Use the gingerbread man outlines for your holiday sewing crafts, preschooler holiday crafts, or family bonding activities.

Below you’ll find a list of amazing ideas to use this gingerbread man template in your everyday life. My creative list of ideas to use this gingerbread man printable outline will help inspire you to sit down with your kids to enjoy hours of fun with large and small gingerbread man templates for kids.

Free Printable Gingerbread Man templates, stencils and patterns

Ways to Use These Gingerbread Templates

  • Easy gingerbread man ornament. These gingerbread man and woman templates are the perfect way for preschoolers to decorate the Christmas tree with their homemade gingerbread man ornaments
  • Homemade Christmas cards. We are definitely putting these to use this holiday season and make some diy cards for the family. 
  • You can also use these free paper gingerbread man templates as an easy winter coloring pages.
  • While you are setting up for the winter classroom party, print several of these gingerbread man patterns out to have a Decorate-the-Gingerbread man activity for kids. 
  • Good at sewing? Use any of these gingerbread man outlines as a pattern in your next holiday sewing project.

8 Free Printable Large and Small Gingerbread Man Templates

This free printable pattern will help you achieve success with your gingerbread man crafts. Perhaps enjoy baking your favorite gingerbread man cookies while your kids complete this craft for the holiday season.

Top 3 Benefits of Holiday Crafts For Kids

Using this gingerbread man template as part of your holiday crafts for kids will inspire and encourage growth within your preschoolers. Below are the top 3 benefits of holiday crafts for kids that will inspire you to get up and get crafting with the kids this holiday season.

1. Enhanced Fine Motor Skills

The act of cutting the gingerbread man printable stencil outline will help strengthen your kids’ fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are a necessary part of development. We use fine motor skills to tie our shoes, button our pants, and cook meals.

2. Encourage Family Time

Taking the time to complete holiday crafts for kids such as these large and small gingerbread man templates will encourage family time. Finding new ways to be a kid with your preschoolers will help strengthen the parent and child bond for healthy relationships at home and outside of the home.

3. Boosts Creativity

Learning how to complete crafts such as my gingerbread man printable template will help your preschoolers boost creativity. Your kids will need to use their creative minds in multiple areas of life as they grow into adults.

Print one or all of these easy gingerbread people stencils by clicking the link below your favorite one. 

Large Gingerbread Man, Boy and Woman Template

Free Printable Large Gingerbread Boy Template

Free Printable Large Gingerbread Man Template

Free Printable Large Gingerbread Man Template

Free Printable Large Gingerbread Woman Cutout Template

Small Gingerbread Boys, Men and Women Templates

Free Printable Small Gingerbread Boy Templates

Free Printable Small Gingerbread Men Templates with Hat

Free Printable Small Gingerbread Man Template with Mustace

Free Printable Small Gingerbread Women Cutout Templates

Gingerbread Woman Cutout Stencils

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Free Printable Gingerbread Man templates, stencils and patterns

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