Inspire your children's imaginations as they bring these majestic creatures to life on paper. These free printable elephant stencil patterns for kids of all ages are ready to take your playtime on a wild adventure. Watch those little hands have so much fun creating the perfect elephant outline. Download all the templates and let the wilderness begin!

Best Free Printable Elephant Stencil Templates

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My children discovered the enchanting world of elephants while watching them on television, which sparked their love for these creatures.

From then on, I realized I had to make sure my kids have the best elephant stencil templates to go along with their crayons and craft supplies.

What began as a fun day activity quickly transformed into an amazing adventure skill-building experience!

Our focus switched from simply adding colors to our free cliparts to paying attention to the small details.

Who would have thought that transforming printable templates into vibrant artworks could be a great resource for improving motor skills?

Drawing the baby elephant’s exquisite trunk curve and then the fun swirl of its tail.

Our room was filled with laughter as our elephant crafts came to life, dancing in a rainbow of colors with each stroke!

Grab all the elephant stencil stencils to join in on the safari fun!

No more tedious cutting or déjà vu with the same old elephant coloring pages.

With a breath of relief, these printable elephant stencil stencils can help you break away from the cycle of repetitive crafts!

Download them all to see it!

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Free Printable Elephant Stencil Template

Elephant Stencil Template Supplies Needed:

Fun Ways to Use the Printable Elephant Stencil Template

These templates are great for kids of all ages and provide lots of enjoyable opportunities to explore art.

You can use the clipart for a greeting card, add a splash of color to the black and white canvas while drawing the elephant, or practice your motor skills by tracing the animal outline.

As infinite as the human imagination is, so are the possibilities!

With all these creative ways to use the elephant stencil templates, each craft session can become an adventure through color, shape, and animal discovery!

1. Fine Motor Skills

These free printable elephant stencil templates can help you develop your fine motor skills in a fun and engaging way.

What I like about these stencils is that they provide a fun way for my children’s small hands to develop precision and control.

Coloring pages with intricate elephant icons allow children to immerse themselves in a creative adventure while strengthening their fine motor abilities.

Use the printable templates not only for coloring, but also to practice cut out exercises.

Carefully cutting following the lines improves finger strength and hand-eye coordination, so each stroke is an essential step toward mastering the skill.

Welcome to a world where the fun of coloring and cutting is combined with the benefits of fine motor development!


Having fun crafting with our elephant stencils? You’re in for a good time because we have more! Check out our Heart Elephant Craft, Cut and Paste Elephant and Elephant Craft Template.


2. Elephant Drawing

Use the free printable elephant stencils to have fun drawing elephants!

Allow your children to trace the magnificent curves on a flat surface, giving their own distinctive touch to the elephant’s trunk and features.

Choose whether you want to add color or keep your artwork in black and white.

Experiment with various coloring and crafting techniques to ensure that each drawing is truly unique.

You can use markers, colored pencils, or other coloring supplies to bring your elephant to life.

Remember to have fun with the process, and feel free to personalize your drawing.

Our stencil templates are excellent beginning points, but don’t be afraid to let your creativity shine!

3. Greeting Card

Our printable elephant stencil template is perfect for making charming greeting cards for a baby shower and other occasions!

Create a heartfelt design with a cute baby elephant as the centerpiece, while adding an adorable flare with the animal outline.

The baby elephant can be cut out and placed on the front of a greeting card or piece of cardstock paper.

Make use of any coloring supplies to trace the elephant stencil.

To give the elephant some color, you can use markers or colored pencils.

Choose colors that correspond to the theme of your celebration.

Remember to add a genuine message inside the card.

Download our pdf files and unleash your imagination as you create bespoke greeting cards that are as adorable as they are sincere!

Printable Elephant Stencil Template

Convertkit form:

With these elephant stencils, you can turn everyday moments into beautiful wild adventures.

Please share your one-of-a-kind creations with us!

Send them to us, whether they’re drawings of cute baby elephants or crafts with elephants in a colorful safari scene!

Download, create, and share some wildlife fun today!

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