Free Printable Unicorn Head Template

Use this free printable unicorn head template pattern for a birthday cake, wall decor, pumpkin carving or use the unicorn head stencil for beautiful birthday coloring pages! #UnicornHead #UnicornTemplate #UnicornParty

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Unicorns are all the rage right now. Who doesn’t love unicorns? This new unicorn head template is the perfect way to channel your inner magic and create some amazing unicorn crafts at home!

What can unicorns teach us about God? Use your daughter’s love of unicorns to teach her a lesson about having faith. Print this easy to use unicorn head template and let her color it while you talk about unicorns as much as she wants. Have her tell you everything she knows about these mythical creatures. 

Talk about how she believes in these magical beings and her strong affection for them. Then, when she’s finished, ask her if she has ever actually seen a unicorn in real life. Of course not. 

It’s the perfect time to talk about faith. We can’t see God. We can read about all the amazing things He has done in the Bible. We can talk about God and talk to God. We love him. 

Unicorns don’t actually exist, but God does! Even though we have never actually seen him in real life, we know that he exists. Talk with your child about all the ways you can know that God exists and the faith you have in God.

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Free Printable Unicorn Head Template

Unicorn Head Supplies:

Unicorn Head Stencil Craft Ideas:

These unicorn templates are the perfect stencils for so many delightful crafts! Get out your paints and try one of these cute simple unicorn projects:

Watercolor Unicorn: Let your little unicorn fan use watercolor paints and her imagination to create her very own unicorn friend. Then, use a hole puncher and yarn to give your unicorn a real mane. Don’t forget to give your new friend a really magical name!

Unicorn Wall Art: Whether you use canvas, paper, or reclaimed wood, this unicorn head template can help you make your own unique unicorn paintings. Unicorn art is the perfect way to dress up your little girl’s room. You can even include an inspiring message like “Be a unicorn in a field of horses.” 

Paper Bag Unicorn Puppet: Spend quality time creating unicorn friends with your little ones using this fun unicorn head template as the face of a paper bag puppet. After you’ve each created a unicorn buddy, put on a puppet show! It’s sure to be full of giggles and special memories.

Unicorn Party Time!

Why not host a unicorn themed birthday party for the magical fairy princess in your life? Be sure to use lots of glitter, rainbow colors, and unicorns everywhere! This printable unicorn head template will make decorating really easy. Here are some ways you can use this template to create a magical unicorn haven for all your guests:

– Unicorn Birthday Banner: Print and cut out several unicorn head templates. String together all the unicorn heads with rainbow colored ribbon. Then, write H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y with one letter on each unicorn. 

– Unicorn Selfie Props: Little girls love selfies almost as much as they love unicorns! Let your daughter help decorate several unicorn heads. Then, glue them to craft sticks. Party guests will have a good time taking selfies together with these unicorn friends and you’ll have lots of photo memories to enjoy later.

– Unicorn Tabletop Decorations: Print, cut out, and decorate a few unicorn head templates to decorate your snack table in a fun way. You could even use these fun templates to make labels for your treats. Just write “cupcakes” on card stock and attach a cute unicorn for extra table magic.

Ready to get your own unicorn head template? Keep scrolling to download your very own template and start making simple unicorn crafts with your children today.

Free Printable Unicorn Head Template for pumpkin carving, birthday invitations or sun catchers

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