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Free Printable Psalm 27:14 Bible Verse Coloring Page

Don't you know the best quotes come from Scripture? Use these free printable bible verse coloring pages to get inspired about God. He is after all our salvation. This Psalm 27:14 coloring sheet is great for kids and adults, even preschoolers. They are perfect for wall decor or even a quick gift idea! #bibleverse #bibleversecoloring #scripturecoloring #biblejournaling

Waiting is hard. There’s no denying that. And if we are honest, waiting for God is sometimes even harder. We have to remember we are on His time. He is not on ours.  At times we feel as though He isn’t listening to our prayers or simply doesn’t understand the pain we are going through or the urgency of our situation. This thinking though implies that He isn’t the one calling the shots.  The LORD is good to those who […]

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