The Great Unicorn Gift Guide for Toddlers – Tested and Approved

Pick the perfect Christmas gift for your toddler with this awesome holiday unicorn gift guide that's full of cute and fun ideas for kids and girls!

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So tell me, do you have a unicorn obsessed toddler? And how many times have you bought a toy for your toddler that she’s played with once and is now buried in the bottom of her toy box?

Wouldn’t it be so great to know that the fun gifts you are buying her this year will get the love they deserve?

In this gift guide, I am going to share a toddler tested list of the coolest and best unicorn gifts that you can give your little girl this Christmas. You might even find a few to stash away for birthday presents!

*Oh and just a heads up, this post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if an item is purchase through that link. For more information, click here.*

Let’s get right into it.

P.S. my 4-yr-old hand pick these to put in this guide, so I know your daughter will absolutely love them!


Barbie 62861 Dreamtopia Unicorn Styling Head

This cute unicorn toy is perfect for any young aspiring beauty stylists out there. Comes with a cute little brush, hair ties and several barrettes so your little girl can let her creativity shine with as many hair styles as she can dream up. It is the perfect present for any young unicorn lover!

Melissa & Doug Giant Unicorn Stuffed Animal

 This unicorn toy is truly magical. It stands almost 4 feet tall and is approximately 2.5 feet long. For a toddler, definitely life size. It is most certainly on my Christmas list for our little girl!

Plush Unicorn Castle with Animals 

What I truly love about this set is that it can go anywhere (except maybe the tub). It is small enough to fit inside of a standard size backpack and soft enough to cuddle with at night. What I plan to do is open the packaging and arrange a few of the individual unicorns in her stocking. The rest will be wrapped under the tree. “A girl has to have her unicorns!” This amazon reviewer says it all.

Barbie Unicorn Pet Doctor

This unicorn is just about the coolest unicorn gift idea I could find for toddlers. It comes with the unicorn of course that has a light up horn, a backpack carrying case, a stethoscope, syringe, bottle, and the most adorable horn cast. Your little girl with have a blast caring for her newest patient. Adding it to my cart now.

Plush Unicorn Castle with Animals

My daughter has always had the biggest fascination of toys with tiny parts. Though I don’t encourage this unicorn gift for any child younger than 3, it is perfect for your toddler. It comes with everything you see pictured. A brush, mirror and hair clips. She doesn’t know it yet, but this set is already in the closet ready to be wrapped and put under the tree.

Plush Unicorn Castle with Animals

What I love most about this unicorn gift idea is that it is played with not only my toddler, but my 8 month old too. It is super soft and can be easily cleaned. The castle is also a carrying case so all of these toys can be neatly kept in their home when not in use.

 Aurora World Fancy Pals Pet Unicorn Carrier Plush

There is nothing better than a cuddly unicorn and a purse for a gift idea. It is exactly as it looks. Stands about 8″ tall, super soft and extremely durable. I also found this one too, check it out. 

Aurora World Rainbow Unicorn Flopsie

You definitely can’t go wrong with a small plushy unicorn gift. These are 8 inches and PERFECT for stocking stuffers! My daughter loves the rainbow one, but I also found a blue and pink set as well that I will adding to her Christmas list. The more stuffies, the better, right?

HearthSong® Large Super Soft Plush Dazzle the Unicorn Stuffed Animal

This unicorn is massive and absolutely adorable! Makes for one spectacular night time cuddle buddy and an amazing Christmas gift. It is truly a great find for someone that just has to have a “giant unicorn.”

Lucy Locket Magical Unicorn Kids Tin Tea Set & Carry Case

Does your daughter love having tea parties? Then this is the perfect unicorn gift set for her! It comes with 14 pieces and a cute lunchbox style carrying case. I also found this enchanting set as well. Which one do you like best?


VTech Starshine the Bright Lights Unicorn

This unicorn is terrific to aide your teachings. Help your toddler use the charms to hear about colors and shapes. This beautiful unicorn toy lights up, her wings flap and she plays music! You can’t go wrong!

 Uni the Unicorn and the Dream Come True

Bedtime is just about our favorite time of the day because we get to cuddle up with one of our unicorn plushies and read stories. Unicorn books are the top request book in our house hold so this one will definitely be under our Christmas tree too.

 Where’s the Unicorn?: A Magical Search-and-Find Book

Look-and-find books are great ways to encourage toddlers to read, even though they can’t read just yet. Stories don’t always have to depend on words to be magical. Your little girl will definitely enjoy the brightly colored pages of this book when trying to locate the hidden unicorns.

Melissa & Doug Fairy Fantasy Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle With Storage Tray

Puzzles are a great way to build cognitive skills by matching up like colors and completing a puzzle, even the most simplest of puzzles sets a single goal for your toddler to achieve.  They use their problem solving and reasoning skills to think through and develop a strategy to finish it. My toddler has about 15 puzzles so fr that she does on a regular basis and this will be added to her collection. Add it to yours as well this Christmas.

Creative Roots Paint Your Own Unicorn by Horizon Group USA

Painting fosters creativity, builds self-esteem and teaches your toddler to be open minded. Adding a unicorn to all of that and you have a sure-to-love gift this Christmas! This set comes with 5 different colors. Your little girl can paint her unicorn like she sees it pictured or get really creative and make a masterpiece!

Unicorn Coloring Book

If painting isn’t her forte, I guarantee coloring is. Add this to her collection of coloring books. With a set of glitter crayons, it will make of one spectacular gift under your Christmas tree!


Unicorn Costume Dress Girl Princess Flower Pageant Party Tutu Dresses

This dress is gorgeous and so reasonably priced, you will be amazed. I know your daughter will fall in love with this gift as soon as she opens her presents and I guarantee that she will want to put it on as soon as she sees it! They have options with or without headbands. We will be getting the one with. Which one will you get for your little one?

Little Girls Layered Rainbow Tutu Skirts with Unicorn Horn Headband

This set is for the on-the-go unicorn princess. It’s skirt can go over just about anything! Currently they offer it in 8 different color combinations to match your girl perfectly!

Jewelry Dress Up Accessories 

Your unicorn doll has the dress, now she needs to accessorize! This accessory set is not only great for her enchanting new unicorn outfit, it is also great for any other princess dress she has in her closet!

Magical Musical Unicorn Jewelry Box

Now that she has the dress and the accessories, she needs something to put them in! Why not complete the whole ensemble out with a stunning jewelry box. Helps keep the mess at bay too. This magical unicorn turns at the tune “Somewhere over the Rainbow.” I imagine that my daughter will love to hear this as a night-time lullaby.

Unicorn Temporary Removable Tattoos  – Non Toxic FDA Approved 

My daughter loves temporary tattoos. She says that they are waaayyyy better than stickers because they stay on when she washes her hands. While some mothers don’t allow these, others do so I thought I’d add it to the list of great unicorn Christmas gifts. This set comes as a pack of 16. So if you could do one tattoo a day for the next year!


Unicorn Light

This battery operated unicorn light will make the perfect addition for your toddler’s room. We use ours as a night light. It emits 8 beautiful colors at random. It is battery operated, so be sure to grab some AA batteries while your at it. I found this super cute Unicorn full body light. Check it out!

Unicorn Straws

We love fun-straws. Adding a unicorn to them just make them that much better! Great for stocking stuffers or a simple gift under the tree! This set comes in a set of 3 and I guarantee your toddler will love them. You might even find yourself grabbing for one too!

Brandream Unicorn Crochet Blanket Hooded Blanket

How cute is this unicorn blanket?! Though this blanket is handmade for the little ones, it is 36″ W x 40″ L so you can enjoy it too. Cuddle up or play flying unicorn, your toddler will absolutely LOVE this unicorn gift idea!


I guarantee which ever unicorn gift you pick to put under your Christmas tree or store away for a birthday surprise, your toddler will absolutely love it! Share with your friends and family members too, so they know exactly what to get your beautiful little girl!

-Kaitlen D.

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Pick the perfect Birthday or Christmas present for your toddler this holiday season with this awesome unicorn gift guide that's full of cute and fun ideas for kids and girls!


Pick the perfect Birthday or Christmas present for your toddler this holiday season with this awesome unicorn gift guide that's full of cute and fun ideas for kids and girls!



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  1. Forget having a unicorn-obsessed kid, I AM the one unicorn-obsessed in our house! —I’ve got unicorn-colored hair and have a unicorn costume for Halloween! —I am the one would be buying some of these lovely items for myself. ? Thanks for sharing! ?

  2. So many toys dominate the market and become the one item children want more … The Suzy Homemaker line of toys were miniature functioning plastic … The Lite-Brite consisted of a light box, black paper, and colored pegs.

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