Cutest Unicorn Dress Up Costumes for Girls of All Ages

Cute unicorn Halloween dress up costumes for little girls. Perfect for a unicorn themed birthday party or a magical Christmas gifts. Be sure to checkout the unicorn makeup tutorial too! #unicorn #unicorncostumes #unicornparty #unicornmakeup #unicornbirthday #SimpleMomProject

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Halloween is just around the corner, but there’s always time to dress up as a magical unicorn. We have more costumes and dress up accessories than I can count, but as my daughter would say, there’s never enough. 

We have created a fun unicorn face mask and a build-a-unicorn craft activity that our readers absolutely love, but sewing is not my forte. That said, I have to resort to paying for our dress up costumes. 

I have found some of the cutest unicorn dress up outfits and costumes that any little girl will love! They are perfect for a birthday girl, Halloween or even just simple playtime.These unicorn costumes make one special and magical Christmas gift too.  

Let me know which one you decided on and be sure to watch the cute unicorn make up tutorial below. Twist Me Pretty is such a talented artist!

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Cutest Unicorn Dress Up Costumes for Girls of All Ages

Unicorn Dress Up CostumeUnicorn and Wings Costume for Girls

I love how detailed this costume is! And it even comes with wings too! How awesome is that?

Unicorn Dress Up CostumeSimple Unicorn Dress Up Costume with Headband

My daughter has this unicorn costume and absolutely adores it. It is super easy to put on and take off which often comes handy when we alternate 20 different outfits within a 30 minute window. 

Fancy Unicorn Dress Up Costume

Fancy Unicorn Dress Up Outfit

This unicorn dress is absolutely stunning. It is perfect for a special occasion like the birthday girl or weddings (yes, I would totally put my daughter in this dress if we are going to a wedding).

Versatile Unicorn Dress Up CostumeCute Skirt and Unicorn Headband Set

I love how bright and colorful this rainbow unicorn outfit is. There are other colors, but we love rainbows because they can go right over the top of any outfit my little girl is  wearing. She has this skirt set too and if I would let her, she would wear it!

Versatile Unicorn Dress Up CostumeSimple and Elegant Unicorn Dress Up Set

This unicorn dress up costume is so adorable. The pastel colors really bring out the magic in this set. What’s so great about this costume is that if your little one doesn’t want to be a unicorn that day, she can be a fairy instead. With a cute tiara, she can also be a princess too!

Whichever costume you decide for your little girl, I know she is going to have a blast! Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments. 

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Unicorn Party Crafts for Kids:

Free Printable Unicorn Head Face Mask Template

Free Printable Template Unicorn Craft for Kids, preschoolers and toddlers Pin 4

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