Prepare for an extraordinary crafting experience that will spark creativity in all young Star Wars fans. Young Jedi apprentices will be immersed in a galaxy far, far away, from making lightsabers to crafting storm trooper crafts. These ideas are great for rainy days or Star Wars-themed parties, and they guarantee endless hours of fun! May the Force be with you on your creative endeavors!

25+ Kids Star Wars Fun Crafts Ideas and Activities

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Are your children constantly enamored with their favorite characters from a galaxy far, far away?

Get ready to create adventures in the comfort of your own home that will bring those characters to life!

Finding all these Star Wars craft ideas was like discovering a galaxy of creative wonders for me as a parent navigating a massive galaxy of activities for my kids.

Enter the crafting universe, where lightsabers, storm troopers, and your favorite Star Wars crafts collide, making family time as exciting as a Star Wars movie marathon.

Tired of hearing “Mom, I’m bored” over and over?

Whether you have older kids or small Jedi-in-training, these fun craft activities will bring the whole family together in a crafty rebellion.

Infuse your Star Wars Day with a Force of Creativity that even the Dark Side cannot resist!

Say goodbye to the same old routine and spark your children’s imaginations with projects that transport your little Jedi into a galaxy of fun!

Kids of all ages will enjoy these extraordinary crafts and activities while exploring the Star Wars world!

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Star Wars Party

Are you planning a Star Wars-themed party for May 4th or any other day in particular?

We’d love to help you in organizing a party for all of the huge Star Wars fans, complete with great recipes of fun ideas, and perfect activities!

Begin with creating the invitation.

It can be either a digital or physical invitation that children can help create!

Decorations can include a galaxy with starry backdrops.

Use dark and light color palettes to symbolize the battle between the dark and light sides of the force.

Invite people to come dressed as their favorite characters.

You can even hold a costume contest with rewards for the best outfits!

Check out all of these fantastic Star Wars-themed resources to continue planning your party and give every guest a memorable Star Wars experience.

All of these fantastic materials are readily available on Amazon.

These can be sent straight to your door with only a click away!

1. This Star Wars Themed Backdrop is more than just a background decoration; it transports you right into the heart of the Star Wars universe. This is perfect for picture ops when paired with DIY lightsabers made of pool noodles or toilet paper rolls and storm trooper helmets made from paper plates!

2. These Star Wars Large Play Balls Set are an excellent addition to any celebration, offering hours of excitement for the tiny Jedis. Watch how children engage in epic battles, rolling and tossing the balls as if they were navigating through the cosmos!

3. Let the cuteness and power of the Dark Side take center stage, making memories as adorable as this Darth Vader Costume. Whether you’re posing for photos or just having fun at the party, dressing up as the famous Star Wars villain will be an exciting adventure!

4. Mealtime or snack breaks will be a fun time at your party thanks to the adorable patterns on these Star Wars Paper Plates and Beverage Napkins, which perfectly represent the essence of the Star Wars saga. These also give a splash of interstellar style to your party table!

5. The Star Wars Say What You See Game is sure to make you laugh out loud! This game takes your Star Wars fans of all ages on a funny journey through the Star Wars universe, adding yet another layer of entertainment to your party.

26 Star Wars Paper Crafts for Kids

As a mother and fellow Star Wars fan, I thought you’d enjoy these 26 amazing Star Wars paper craft ideas for kids.

These paper crafts let young fans show off their love for the galaxy far, far away while also being entertaining and creative.

These ideas promise hours of intergalactic fun, whether your kids are drawn to the Dark Side or Rebel Alliance adventures!

Free Printable Star Wars Baby Yoda Craft for Kids, Preschoolers and toddlers Pin3

1. Baby Yoda Craft

Can you resist all the cuteness of making your own baby Yoda?

I doubt it!

Bring all of your kids together as you create the most adorable baby Yoda ever! 

Printable Baby Yoda Paper Bag Star Wars Craft for Kids Preschoolers toddlers

2. Printable Baby Yoda Paper Bag Puppet Template

Who could resist playing with puppets while watching a Star Wars movie marathon tonight?

A paper bag and a baby Yoda printable template will do the trick.

Get ready for an exciting puppet show!

The Force of Cuteness is strong with the galaxy’s favorite green buddy!

3. Toilet Paper Roll Grogu (Baby Yoda) Craft

Would you believe me if I told you that you could create a lovely Baby Yoda masterpiece out of a plain toilet paper roll?

Take a look at this craft from Simple Everyday Mom!

The Force of Creativity is truly limitless, transforming a toilet paper roll into a work of interstellar art!

4. Colorful Star Wars Paper Craft

Do you know what happens if you mix black glue and paint?

Find out how on this craft and make your own colorful Star Wars paper craft.

You’ll be amazed by how black glue and paint can transform a simple craft into a blaze of color and creativity!

5. Star Wars BB-8 Paper Plate Craft

Do you love BB-8 like my kids do?

If so, you would love this Star Wars BB-8 paper plate crafts even more.

It comes with a BB-8 printable pattern, making it even more fun to make! 

6. Chewbacca Paper Bag Puppet

Can you guess who everyone’s favorite Wookie friend is?

Did you know that a brown paper bag can be used to construct a Chewbacca puppet?

Experience it for yourself with this Chewbacca paper bag puppet!

7. Easy and Fun Star Wars R2D2 Torn Paper Craft

Have you ever used torn paper to create an artwork?

If not, this R2D2 torn paper craft is the perfect thing to do right now!

As tiny hands tear and arrange paper, they develop both fine motor skills and creativity!

8. Easy Death Star Craft

Have you ever wanted to conquer the universe with your creative skills?

Could a paper plate Death Star be the portal to your own galaxy?

Unlock the mysteries of the Death Star by creating this masterpiece with nothing but a paper plate! 

9. Pop Up Father’s Day Card

Have you ever wished to surprise your dad with a card that says something you love about him and something he really enjoys?

Making this Yoda pop-up card was a ton of fun!

Make one for your dads right away—there are tons of printables available!

10. Star Wars-Inspired Grid Art Activities

Who would have thought that a group of grid squares could come together to create a Star Wars masterpiece?

These grids will help you create your own favorite iconic characters.

Turn these grids into amazing galaxies by creating your own now!

11. Star Wars Characters Toilet Tube Craft

Isn’t it fascinating how anything can be made out of a toilet paper roll?

With this Star Wars toilet tube creation, you can join the galactic recycling revolution!

These crafts would look great as an addition to Star Wars-themed activities, displays or used for creative play.

12. Sponge Printed Death Star Craft

What else can you use a sponge for?

Aside from cleaning and washing, you could build your own death star craft.

Imagine your sponge playing a key role in the creation of the terrifying Death Star!

13. Adorable Baby Yoda Craft

Can you believe that a popsicle stick can be used to make an adorable Baby Yoda?

This craft makes it possible.

Use this adorable Baby Yoda craft in your imaginative play and creative reading activities!

14. Star Wars Shadow Puppets

Have you ever wondered whether shadows could actually bring Star Wars characters to life?

These shadow puppets from Star Wars will let you unleash the Force.

Along with the printable templates, this is really doable when combined with straws or bamboo skewers!

15. Star Wars Craft | Crayon Resist Death Star

Can you understand the cosmic link between crayons and the dark side?

Find out how to make a crayon-resistant Death Star.

Discover a galaxy far, far away where the force and cupcake liners collide!

16. Grogu Paper Bag Puppet

Do you want to bring the cutest creature in the cosmos to life as a puppet?

You can achieve that with this Grogu paper bag.

Using a free template, let the creativity flow and let Grogu steal the show in a puppet show!

17. Star Wars Inspired Paper Plate BB-8 Droid Craft

Who wouldn’t want to turn their favorite droid into a craft?

Create your own BB-8 Droid craft with paper plates.

You can make an exact replica of the iconic droid with a few basic supplies and some Star Wars flair!

18. Build a Droid – Star Wars Party Printable

Are you planning a Star Wars party on May 4th or for any other occasion?

This build-a-droid Star Wars party printable will make your celebration more interactive for the kids.

Who knew a simple printable set could lead to an epic Star Wars adventure?

19. 4 Super Fun Star Wars Activities in 1 FREE Printable Pack

Can you believe that with just one free download, you may access not one, not two, but four exciting Star Wars activities?

Check out these activities that will keep your little Jedi entertained for hours.

Try these out to get ready for an effortless adventure!

20. Easy Origami Yoda Tutorial

Who would have thought that a few simple folds and creases could unleash the force of creativity?

Check out this easy origami tutorial for how to transform a plain sheet of paper into a Yoda.

May the folds be with you!

21. Egg Carton Darth Vader

What can be done with a plain egg carton?

Maybe a Darth Vader?

Yes, you can, with this egg carton Darth Vader project.

May the fun be with you as you create your own Darth Vader unlike any other!

22. Star Wars Death Star Pinata

Wondering what craft you can do to make your Star Wars party a hit?

Create a Death Star piñata of your own.

Pop the balloon within the craft, and may the best surprises await you at the party!

23. Cardboard Tube Ewoks

Can you build an army of the prettiest Ewoks using only a household item?

It is doable with cardboard tubes!

I am sure you will like making these cardboard tube Ewoks as much fun as I did!

24. Free Star Wars Coloring Pages

Looking for free coloring pages with your favorite Star Wars characters?

Try these free Star Wars coloring pages!

It will transport you into the heart of epic space wars with a single stroke of a crayon!

25. Star Wars Memory Matching Game

Who knew that a simple memory game could transport you to a galaxy of fun and strategic thinking?

Download these Star Wars memory game cards and flip through the cards of your favorite heroes and villains.

Engage your mind in a memory game in an intergalactic challenge!

26. Kid-Made Star Wars Planet Book

Can you imagine a book full of planets inspired by the Star Wars universe?

Encourage your children to create their own Star Wars Planet Books today.

When our kids use their imagination, it can be incredibly powerful!

These 26 kid-friendly Star Wars craft ideas and activities offer more than just amusement, they’re a galaxy of fun for exploring the world of Star Wars!

From easy Star Wars crafts to imaginative activities, it’s the perfect way to incorporate the classic saga into your home.

Join the crafting craze and share your incredible creations with us! 

When you have finished, be sure to share your creation on Simple Mom Project’s Facebook Page and follow me on Pinterest!



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