Use this free printable like sight word worksheet to explore a world of interesting ways to learn to read and write! This free worksheet combines creative thinking with effective practice, making it perfect for young kindergarten students. If you want to see your child's reading and writing skills take off, download it right away!

Free Printable Like Sight Word Worksheet for Kindergarten

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Have you thought about how a simple printable worksheet may make such a difference in your child’s reading journey?

I was surprised to see my kids interested in practicing common words when I gave them the free printable sight word worksheet!

This wasn’t just an ordinary worksheet; it was jam-packed with interactive sight word activities that transformed daily practice into an exciting journey.

It became our favorite part of the reading routine with a mix of engaging activities.

Important words like “like” being mastered by my kids in the cutest way possible.

And what’s best about it?

These interactive worksheets are free and could help all the young learners in the entire school!

Who knew this simple worksheet could have such an impact?

Get yours up right away and see how much better they become readers every day!

Parents, don’t worry if you’re weary of doing the same sight word worksheet over and over!

We’ve got the perfect solution for you: our free printable sight word worksheet.

This is designed to make learning language skills so much fun.

This will keep your early reader motivated to practice sight words and is great for use in their morning work or at any time of day.

Your kids will love it, and you will love seeing their skills improve!

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Free Printable Like Sight Word Worksheet

like sight word for preschoolers, kindergarteners, toddlers and kids of all ages

Like Sight Word Worksheet Supplies Needed:

Fun Ways to Use the Printable Like Sight Word Worksheet

Get creative with how you use the free printable sight word worksheet to your daily practice!

These sight word practice pages are great for literacy centers since they provide a lot of exposure to the different words required to construct a simple sentence.

Write down these creative ideas and let us know which ones work best for your children!

1. Word Practice

Make sight word learning a breeze by including the printable sight word worksheet into your word practice at home and school!

This is an excellent way to help kids express their choices and improve their writing and reading skills at the same time.

How can you get the most out of the printable worksheet?

Make it a daily practice by incorporating it into your child’s routine.

They get more comfortable and confident with the word “like” as they practice it often, reinforcing their learning.

Encourage children to associate the word “like” with different words that relate to their interests.

They can use it to show what their favorite foods, colors, shapes, books, or cartoons are.

This not only adds to the fun of the activity, but it also helps them improve their vocabulary.

Help them use the word like to create a simple sentence.

“I like pizza” or “I like ice cream” or “I like rainbows” can be the introductions.

They learn about sentence construction through this word practice.

Repetition is key for learning sight words, and our printable worksheet provides a fun way to practice and reinforce the word “like” under different activities.


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2. Lesson Plans

Did you know that this sight word worksheet, which can be downloaded for free, is a useful resource that teachers and parents can incorporate into their lesson plans for use in the classroom and at home?

Some of these sight word activities are innovative and practical, enhancing learning across multiple subject areas.

Start your lesson plan with an early morning routine where the children go over a quick review of sight words while wearing sight word hats.

Make this a daily practice to set a good mood for the day.

In the classroom, creating a sight word puzzle with the word “like” is an engaging group activity.

The worksheet can also be incorporated into other subject areas aside from English language arts, like math and science.

Kindergarten students can read and write sentences such as “I like numbers” and “I like animals”.

Use a laminating machine to make the worksheet reusable and incorporate it into literacy centers.

Then, using dry-erase markers, kids may write on it to easily practice whenever they’d want.

These lesson plan ideas not only teach sight words, but also help to build overall reading skills and language skills!

3. Printable Activities

Using printable activities, such as our free printable sight word worksheets, provides various benefits whether you are a stay-at-home parent or a teacher at a school.

These printable worksheets are available for free download and printing at any time!

It allows anyone to give learning activities on demand for free.

Kids can complete their printable worksheets in a comfortable setting and at their own pace, whether they choose to do it at home or in school.

Our printable worksheets feature a mix of engaging activities such as tracing, coloring, writing, cutting, and rearranging the missing letter on the word “like” to keep children engaged in the activity.

We hope that your printable activities utilizing our engaging worksheets will be an effective approach to improve learning at home and in the school!

Printable Like Sight Word Worksheet

like sight word for preschoolers, kindergarteners, toddlers and kids of all ages

Convertkit form:

The free printable sight word worksheet is a great tool for word practice that provides young learners with a lot of exposure to improve their reading skills and language skills.

If you want interactive worksheets that will make learning exciting for your early reader, download the worksheet today!

Please share your experiences doing this worksheet with your little learner with us; we would love to hear about them!

When you have finished, be sure to share your creation on Simple Mom Project’s Facebook Page and follow me on Pinterest!

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