Free Printable Mermaid Template

Use the free printable mermaid template as an adorable coloring page, easy birthday cake toppers, a simple birthday party invitation, or a blank pumpkin carving stencil or a fun string art activity #mermaid #mermaidtemplate #mermaidcoloring

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Mermaids are so magical and colorful! I can remember pretending to be a mermaid every time I went swimming. I knew all the songs to Disney’s The Little Mermaid and I serenaded my mom more than a few times with Part of Your World.

If your little girl is dreaming of becoming a mermaid too, you won’t want to miss this new printable mermaid template. Keep scrolling to find some great ideas to use your mermaid template too. 

This printable is super easy to use with just about any craft plan. Just print, cut out, and get crafty! It’s a perfect stencil for a variety of mermaid crafts and activities. Need ideas? 

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Free Printable Mermaid Template

Fun Crafts and Activities to do with your Mermaid Template:

Here are just a few to get your started:

1.Use as an Easy Art Stencil

Use this fun stencil to paint mermaids on canvas for your bathroom or create a mermaid mural for your child’s bedroom. For extra fun, you can add a catchy mermaid quote like “Even Mermaids take baths and brush their teeth” or “Be a mermaid and make waves!”

2. Make Adorable Party Decorations

These stencils are perfect for making your own mermaid party garland or table decorations. Just print out this easy template, cut out, and trace onto whatever color or pattern cardstock you choose for a beautiful themed garland you can hang all over! 

You could even use it for a stencil for mermaid shaped cookies. Yum! Use the template as a stencil to cut the shape from dough using a knife and voila: custom mermaid cookies perfect for an under the sea bash.

3. Get Creative with your Kids

Kids have so much imagination! I like to encourage my kids to use their imagination when we craft together. It’s a great way to spend quality time getting to know what my kids think and feel. These mermaid printables are just perfect for some quality mother daughter crafting.

Ask your daughter to draw herself as a mermaid or create her own mermaid character using a blank mermaid template. Then, experiment with different art supplies to decorate your mermaids. We really liked using sequins for the tail and lots of glitter! 

After you’re done making mermaids together, spend some time making up a story about your mermaids. Don’t forget to write it down! When she’s older, you’ll be glad you did. 

4. Make Trendy Mermaid Shirts

Mermaid apparel is all the rage right now. You can use this easy mermaid template and some fabric paint to make your very own DIY mermaid shirt. Just print, cut out, and use the template to paint a mermaid silhouette with fabric paint, fabric markers, or even a bleach pen. 

Don’t forget to include a catchy phrase like “Mermaid hair, don’t care!” or “Be Mer-mazing.”

Whether you’re a lifelong fan or mermaids or just the mom of a little mermaid, you don’t want to miss this adorable craft template. It’s the perfect way to bring a little ocean magic to your summer craft projects! Keep scrolling to get your template today.

Materials Needed for your Mermaid Template:

Free printable mermaid templates perfect for birthday invitations, sun catchers or a fun mermaid craft activity for kids

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Got a great idea for putting this mermaid template to good use? Tell me all about it in the comments. I love hearing your crafty ideas.

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