Looking to improve your child's fine motor skills? Our free printable heart tracing is a great approach to improve hand-eye coordination while keeping kids entertained. They will be tracing hearts like Picasso in no time at all if they have this printable worksheet! Get yours now, and have fun tracing hearts!

Free Printable Heart Tracing Worksheet for Kids

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Have you ever wondered how to make fine motor skill practice fun for children?

Let me share my most recent discovery: a printable heart tracing worksheet!

If your little one is struggling with fine motor skills, these cool dotted lines will serve as a perfect guide for their creativity.

Tracing seems more like a rainbow party than a work.

It not only adds interest to their writing practice tasks, but it is also an effective way to improve hand-eye coordination.

It’s a complete game changer for early writing skills!

Trust me, after you incorporate this printable worksheet into your school activities and lesson plans, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Who knew tracing hearts could be so cool?

Do you feel like you’re trapped with the same old printable worksheets?

I hear you loud and clear.

We have the solution to break the boredom spell: a free heart tracing worksheet for children!

A world of colorful, heart-filled fun is waiting for you!

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Free Printable Heart Tracing Worksheet

Heart Tracing Worksheet Supplies Needed:

Fun Ways to Use the Printable Heart Tracing Worksheet

I’m about to share a slew of creative ways to use the free heart tracing worksheet into your kids’ activities.

Print out a bunch and make a DIY activity book to practice fine motor skills by tracing lines and shapes.

Imagine counting hearts or tracing letters within them – learning disguised as fun!

With this great way to improve tracing skills, you may immerse yourself in the rainbow of opportunities!

1. Fine Motor Skills

Would you like to make these preschool worksheets into engaging learning tools?

With our printable worksheets, absolutely!

The colorful dotted lines will guide those small hands, making tracing hearts a fun way to develop fine motor skills.

These are more than just shapes; they’re fostering fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills and creating connections between the hands and the brain.

When kindergarten students work on these heart worksheets, they turn simple lines into works of art.

It’s a great approach to trace lines that also opens the door to a world of visual arts for our young learners.

Let’s celebrate those wobbly lines becoming perfect hearts!


These cute heart worksheets are too cute to handle. You can choose from lots of heart-shaped templates here! Check out our Small Heart Shape Template and Large Heart Shape Template!


2. DIY Activity Book of Shapes Worksheets

Make your own DIY activity book including our printable heart tracing worksheets to unleash your inner crafty genius!

Have a rainbow of heart shapes ready to be traced in different colors.

It’s like a dream come true for all of the first-grade students who are learning early writing skills.

Each stroke is a high-five for hand-eye coordination.

The best thing is?

Everything is free!

Yes, everyone gets free hearts!

This DIY activity book is the ideal boredom buster, whether it’s for independent work.

Why end at hearts, anyway?

Add some number tracing and heart coloring page for a well-rounded exploration of shapes and colors.

3. Lesson Plan for School Activities

When you can add some heart-shaped excitement to school activities, why settle for boring lesson plans?

Here’s our printable heart tracing worksheet!

Are you trying to find a creative way to teach young students to trace shapes?

There’s nowhere else to look!

These heart-shaped worksheets make it easy to learn straight lines and curves.

Plus, who can resist using heart-shaped flashcards for a quick review?

Looking for a reusable option?

Grab a dry-erase marker and print these printable activities and laminate them to repeat tracing over and over.

Oh, and for that unique touch, don’t forget to add a dash of your own information.

So, why wait?

Let’s turn your lesson plans into exciting learning activities!

Printable Heart Tracing Worksheet


Convertkit form:

Let’s continue to have fun tracing hearts!

It’s perfect for their independent work, allowing you to relax while they get their creative groove on.

We’d love to see what your kiddo makes with our heart-shaped worksheets.

We want to appreciate every creative stroke, whether they’re exploring printable activities or honing their early writing skills.

Tell us about those works of art!

Let’s celebrate bright hearts, visual arts, and tracing lines together!

When you have finished, be sure to share your creation on Simple Mom Project’s Facebook Page and follow me on Pinterest!

Kaitlen D.

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