For Halloween or a woodland animal theme party, these free printable fox mask templates are perfect! Pretend to be an arctic for even fantastic Mr. Fox! With the printable fox mask coloring pages and another ready to wear, I know your kids will adore their new fox masks in dramatic play! #foxcrafts #foxmasks #foxmasktemplates #SimpleMomProject

Free Printable Fox Masks for Kids

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Getting your hands on a new template for kids is always so much fun. This printable fox mask is will make your little ones so happy.

If you don’t have printer ink at home, no worries because you can print out this face mask in black and white and in color. Mr. Fox is going to look cuter than ever as a mask on the face of your kids.

The best part is that it’s DIY and free!

I really like that the free fox mask printable helps children build up their skills. While the color version may help kids who are younger get straight to playing, the black and white version can help build up other skills.

You can use it as a coloring page and it serves two purposes. You can use it as a fun craft to do with the kids. The kids can use it as an animal mask for play and fun.


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Free Printable Fox Masks for Kids

When you start thinking of masks or what to do with fantastic Mr. Fox face masks, there are so many options. You can use this paper template with this book The Secret Life of a Red Fox.

Not only do these make great face masks, but they’re great for busywork, coloring, and learning how to cut out. 

If you have a classroom or own a daycare, the kids in your class will enjoy doing this. One skill they can gain is the skill of using scissors to cut out this fantastic Mr. Fox face mask.

It’s animal themed, so kids get so excited about which animal they’ll be working with. You can bring this face mask out around the house or you can use it as a paper for coloring pages and then make it into a mask.

Mr. Fox Book Favorites 

Here are a few of our favorite Fox Books that will go awesome with the new masks you’ve just created:

Think about the amazing little Mr. Fox craft and costume activities you can have in your classroom or home year-round. Kids will love a DIY template paper because it’s perfect for coloring pages!

Does your class need morning work to do? Do you need animal masks to help keep the kids busy during transitions? These fantastic Mr. Fox masks can really be put to work! 

Materials Needed:

You may have seen animal clipart you loved in a coloring book. Well, the arctic fox coloring page can be used as a face mask and animal masks in an upcoming parade around the hallways of your school.

Homeschooling moms, have everyone in your home make a red fox face mask. The whole family can get in on the action. You can even use the mask to do a little animal jam and dance around the classroom. 

There has never been a better time to craft with paper and create dingo looking animal masks. You can use these woodland animal masks to teach kids about Mr. Fox.

After you’ve spent some time learning about how fantastic Mr. fox is, you can make a unit study out of it. Turn these coloring face masks into an opportunity for another coloring page and dramatic play.

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Colored Fox Mask Template

Fox Face Mask Black and White watermark

Fox Mask Coloring Page

If you’re excited to learn and play, then this Fox Face Mask Craft for Kids may be just what you need. Remember to have fun with it and comment below with how you are planning to incorporate this free printable fox mask in your daily lesson plans!

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