Free Printable Fairy Tale Bookmarks for Kids

These adorable princess, unicorn and fairy tale bookmarks are the perfect way to get your kids excited about reading! With a full-colored version and a bookmark coloring page activity, your kids will definitely fall in love! #bookmarks #printablebookmarks #SimpleMomProject

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I can’t wait to share these adorable new printable fairy tale bookmarks with you! They’re so cute, you’re going to want to keep some for yourself as well as share them with your kids. 

Do you have a favorite fairy tale? A story that still takes you to a magical place? I recently shared my love of Sleeping Beauty with my daughter. She loved it!  I have always been a big advocate for reading good literature to children and fairy tales are an important part of that.

The great C.S. Lewis once said “sometimes fairy stories say best what needs to be said.” I thoroughly believe in that truth, so I love sharing fairy tales with my children. 

Now that I’m teaching my children to read, I’m employing all their favorite things about reading to keep them interested and engaged. That’s part of why I decided to share these beautiful fairy tale bookmarks.

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Free Printable Fairy Tale Bookmarks for Kids

These printable bookmarks are a great way to get kids excited about reading by focusing on the fairy tales they love so much. Sometimes a good book mark, like a good fairy tale, is all you need to get your kids excited about reading on their own. 

Creative and fun bookmarks make reading more exciting for children. So it’s a great way to get a reluctant reader interested in turning a few more pages. 

Materials Needed:

These printable fairy tale bookmarks are ready to go, just print, cut out, and stick it in your favorite book. 

With two versions a full-colored bookmark set and another that’s a fun coloring page bookmark set, your little ones will have a blast reading and inserting their favorite bookmark in their favorite book!

For extra durability, you can print them on cardstock, or glue a different color construction paper or patterned scrapbook paper to the back. I love the fairy tale themed scrapbook paper by Miss Kate Cuttables!

You can also laminate these fun fairy tale bookmarks to protect the edges from wear. 

Need creative ideas to use give these printable fairy tale bookmarks?

– Fairy tale bookmarks also make great gifts! Print them to use as part of the Easter basket for your little bookworm. Fill their basket with fairy tale bookmarks, a book light, a reading journal, and a few new books to read.

Include printable fairy tale bookmarks in your next birthday gift. Book themed gifts are so fun! Arrange a few small items to match with the story’s theme and gift your child with the book and the items.

Suddenly, the book becomes an experience! We did this with Snow White for my daughter last year. We gave her a copy of the story, a red bow for her hair, a candy apple, and 7 small dwarfs. 

– These fun fairy tale bookmarks would also make a great thank you gift for party guests at your next fairy tale themed birthday party. Give each guest a bookmark with a small bag of treats on their way out to thank them for coming.

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Free Printable Unicorn and Princess Bookmarks for Kids

Full Color Fairy Tale Bookmarks

Free Printable Unicorn and Princess Bookmark Coloring sheets for Kids

Fairy Tale Bookmark Coloring Page

However you decide to use these simple creative bookmarks, don’t forget to share your stories in the comments. Have a favorite fairy tale you want to see in my Simple Mom Projects? Tell me which one it is in the comments. I’d love to help you bring it to life through crafts with your kids.

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ree Printable Unicorn and Princess Bookmarks for Kids Pin

unicorn fairy tale bookmark

fairy tale bookmark

fairy tale bookmark

fairy tale bookmark

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