Free Printable Catwoman Mask Template

Click now to use our FREE printable Catwoman mask template and watch your little one masquerade in her favorite superhero, Catwoman! She can color her own or you can print, cutout and she can start her own superhero party! She can even use either of these printable masks to dress up as Catwoman for Halloween! #Catwoman #Superhero #SuperheroParty #SimpleMomProject

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Superheroes are so fun! Kids love pretending to be superheroes. For a fun conversation, just ask them which superpower they wish they had. I’d love to be Catwoman! Imagine all the things I could do with cat like reflexes and super speed. Did you know she’s also a kung fu master?

If you think Catwoman is cool too, you’ll definitely want to see the new, free Catwoman superhero mask template

These printable coloring page mask templates also make great DIY costumes. Kids can get in on the action by decorating their own masks or you can make a realistic version for the perfect costume.

Attending a party? These template printables would be perfect for a couples costume! Just print this Catwoman mask for yourself and my Batman mask template for your other half to wear. Voila! Batman and Catwoman, the perfect pair.

Printable Catwoman mask for Superhero Mask theme Halloween or birthday party

Keep scrolling to get your own printable superhero mask. 

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Free Printable Catwoman Mask Template

Catwoman Mask Supplies:

With minimal supplies, this Catwoman party can get started. 

To print your Catwoman mask template, turn the printer on, click on the link below your favorite mask then click print.

While you can absolutely print on whatever paper you wish, we recommend a sturdy cardstock paper. It lasts a whole lot longer through the fun.

Not wanting to wait on the elastic bands to come? Try gluing your Catwoman mask to a Popsicle stick. If you are like us, there’s tons lying around the house. In very strange places, I might add. 

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Free Printable Superhero Catwoman Printable Mask Template

Catwoman Mask Template

Let your kids explore by using their imagination to have an indoor superhero battle. If it happens to be sunny, you can always head outside and have a super power battle for the playhouse or swing set.

Free Printable Superhero Catwoman Printable Mask Coloring Page

Catwoman Mask Coloring Page

Just imagine all the fun things you can do with your own superhero mask! It’s the perfect way to add fun play to a rainy day with kids.

Printable Catwoman mask for Superhero Mask theme Halloween or birthday party

Simply print out a fun Catwoman mask template, decorate however you like by turning the Catwoman coloring page into a fun superhero activity, cut it out, and dress up as your favorite superhero! Kids can get creative while practicing scissor skills.

Tell us in the comments how you decided you use these fun printable Catwoman mask templates and follow us on Pinterest for more fun and creative mask templates!

Free Printable Cat Woman Mask Templates for Birthday Parties and Halloween Costumes 3

Free Printable Cat Woman Mask Templates for Birthday Parties and Halloween Costumes 2

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More Fun Superhero Mask Templates:

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