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Free Printable Stingray Craft for Kids with Template

Looking for your next ocean theme craft? Use our free printable stingray template and make this simple stingray craft! Click and find the tutorial to make this fun kids craft. This cut and paste stingray craft is perfect for kids of all ages including preschoolers and toddlers #stingray #stingraycrafts #oceananimals #oceananimalcrafts

The manta ray is a magnificent ocean inhabitant. If you’ve ever been to an aquarium or an ocean vacation you’ve probably encountered a stingray petting area. Preschoolers are often quite curious and fascinated about ocean life such as the manta stingray. That’s why I wanted to include a free simple stingray craft printable template for your summer break art projects. Whether you’re planning an ocean diorama to help your kids learn more about ocean life, or you want a fun […]

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