Looking for a fun activity that will teach your kids different modes of water transport? This blank printable submarine template is the perfect tool to include in your lesson plan! It’s a black and white submarine drawing that will enhance your preschooler’s coloring skills. Turn this simple submarine template into a cool paper toy craft that kids can play with for hours. Grab your crafting materials and download this submarine template now!

Free Printable Submarine Template

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This week, be ready to learn about an awesome water vehicle!

We’ve prepared something unique for your kids to work on during their free time or throughout your water transportation theme week.

Any activity you have planned will go perfectly with this printable submarine template.

It can be used as a flashcard, paper craft, coloring page, and more.

We want children to enjoy learning about submarines while exercising creativity and independence in their works.

This is also made available for free and is very simple to print wherever you are.

If you’re looking for a new addition to your water transportation activities, this black and white submarine is the one!

Print your copies as soon as possible and don’t wait any longer!

Printable Submarine Template for Kids Community Helper Crafts Vehicle Crafts Transportation Crafts Elementary, Kindergarten, Preschool 1

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Printable Submarine Template

Printable Submarine Template for Kids Community Helper Crafts Vehicle Crafts Transportation Crafts Elementary, Kindergarten, Preschool 2

Submarine Template Supplies Needed:

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Ideas for Submarine Template

We’d love to share some ideas we’ve put together for using the printable submarine template into your daily activities.

These ideas have been carefully chosen to be fun, appropriate for children of all ages, and simple to implement.

You are welcome to include all of it into your lesson preparations.

While you read on, grab a pen and paper and jot these ideas down!

1. Great Submarine Resources for Children

The printable submarine template can be presented in a variety of ways.

Did you know that you may teach it to your children using other learning resources?

Check out these great submarine resources we’ve compiled for kids.

Create an inviting learning atmosphere for these watercrafts during your lessons at home and in the classroom.

Use these learning resources to keep your kids interested in submarines!

We included two well-read submarine books as well as a yellow submarine plush pillow.

Have kids play with a submarine toy that is excellent for any water play activity after they’ve finished working on the printable submarine template.

Don’t worry; they are all affordable and certain to be a hit with the kids.

Check them out by clicking the links below!

2. S for Submarine

Learning the alphabet during your water transportation theme week?

Use the printable submarine template to represent the letter S.

This is perfect for use as an alphabet flashcard or as a worksheet for arts and crafts activities.

Print the submarine template, cut it out, place it on a sturdier piece of paper, and then add the letter S to any area.

While presenting children the printable submarine template, you can sing any song about submarines to them.

Ask them to identify the watercraft in the image by making a guess, and then see if they can identify the letter it starts with.

Use the printable submarine template to make an alphabet wall with a transportation theme.

3. Yellow Submarine Craft

Having fun with the printable submarine template?

Then you should enjoy this idea even more.

This week, let’s get creative and resourceful to build a yellow submarine craft.

To get started, gather some empty toilet paper rolls, yellow paint, a paintbrush, scissors, and hot glue.

Paint two tissue rolls yellow first.

Once it has dried, cut a section off the center of the tissue roll according to its size.

Cut the second roll of tissue in half.

Onto the hole you cut, place the piece that is cut up in half.

Stick them together with hot glue.

You can also use other supplies to make additional decorations.

Let your kids choose how to decorate their yellow submarine crafts.

Make more and use them as paper toy submarines!

4. Water Transportation Coloring Pages

Use the printable submarine template as coloring pages to keep kids occupied and engaged.

It is designed in black and white so that kids can use their imagination to create their own special submarines.

Give them a variety of coloring supplies to select from.

They are free to work with paint, colored pencils, markers, crayons, and more.

They’d be entertained for sure by this idea while you get your work done.

They can explore their creative side while honing their fine motor skills and practicing the correct pen grip.

Also, they discover several coloring techniques!

Make as many copies as you’ll need to create a coloring book on water transportation!

Did all of these ideas inspire you to set out your learning plan for this next week?

Both coming up with these ideas and sharing them with you were a lot of fun.

We hope to soon see you and your kids putting all of these ideas into practice!

Kids will certainly like learning about submarines while engaging in their favorite activities, such as arts and crafts and other activities.

You are welcome to look through our collection of more free vehicle templates whenever you like!

Printable Submarine Template:

Printable Submarine Template for Kids Community Helper Crafts Vehicle Crafts Transportation Crafts Elementary, Kindergarten, Preschool 1

Use this printable submarine template to explore the ocean’s depths!

Grab your copies of this blank, black-and-white template right immediately because we know how happy kids will be to use it.

They are free to use it however they see fit.

This template is ideal for anyone who wants to create a paper craft, coloring sheet, or paper submarine toy.

This is great for including in your water transportation lessons as you learn more about these incredible submarines and how they work.

After the lesson, give your preschoolers and kindergarteners a chance to work on this.

Let them demonstrate their skills in designing their unique submarines.

Allow them to apply their fine motor skills, creativity, and focus while working on the printable submarine template.

Please feel free to share this to anyone learning about submarines, water transportation, or the letter S!

Don’t forget to leave a message in the comment section.

When you have finished, be sure to share your creation on Simple Mom Project’s Facebook Page and follow me on Pinterest!

Kaitlen D.

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