Free Printable Diy Mask Templates for Masquerade Ball

Whether your kids are masquerading around the house, playing superhero dress up or trying to spruce up their Halloween costume, these FREE DIY printable mask templates won't let you down! Click and print yours now!

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Making masks with kids is an excellent way to encourage pretend playtime. When kids grow up in a home that encouraged hours of endless imaginary play they tend to be more creative thinkers who can solve problems and lead a happier life.

This is why we love sharing free printable options that provide your family with new ways to enjoy crafts with kids and fun printable activities. This mask template is perfect for masquerade parties at home with kids, or to host a pretend masquerade ball with the kids.

Whether you are getting ready for dress up, going to a masquerade ball, playing dress up with your kids, or decorating a fun costume, these free to print mask templates are definite winners! 

Download and print your favorite mask template, decorate it however you’d like and have a blast! They are all in black and white and very easy to color!

Happy Crafting!

Use our free printable DIY mask template to enjoy hours of fun together playing dress up, coloring together, and just having a blast with your family while you’re stuck at home.

Free Printable Diy Mask Templates for Mardi Gras and Masquerade

How to Use these DIY Masquerade Mask

Birthday Party Fun

If you’re hosting a birthday party for a preschooler, then you might want to print out multiple copies of my mask template for your guests. Give each kid their own free printable to color and make it into a fun mask. Then have the kids pretend play together during the masquerade birthday party event!

Family Dress Up Time

Go through your whole family’s closets and pull out some clothing that you can use for a fun-filled family dress up time. Have each family member decorate their printable mask to match their selective outfit and put on a fun little skit at home with the kids.

You can also make some fun kid-friendly beverages and treats to enjoy during your family dress up time.

Tips for Making Your Mask Template Wearable:

You can purchase wooden craft dowels that can be used to hold the masquerade mask in front of your face or use a paper hole punch and string to make the DIY masquerade mask fit snug to your face. You can use glitter and sequins to liven up each mask so that your family can have a sparkly printable mask during your crafting with kid’s session, too.


Free Printable Masquerade Mask Template 1

Version 1 Mask Template 

Free Printable Masquerade Mask Template 2

Version 2 Mask Template 

Free Printable Masquerade Mask Template 3

Version 3 Mask Template

Free Printable Masquerade Mask Template 4

Version 4 Mask Template

Free Printable Mardi Gras Mask Template 5

Version 5 Mask Template

Free Printable Mardi Gras Mask Template 6

Version 6 Mask Template

Free Printable Mardi Gras Mask Template 7

Version 7 Mask Template

Free Printable Mardi Gras Mask Template 8

Version 8 Mask Template

Whatever you opt to use this printable mask template for, we’re confident it will help you have some fun with kids crafting, coloring, and being silly together.

Adults and kids alike can enjoy hosting a family masquerade at home while you all pretend to be fancy as you wear your masks for hours of playtime together.

I would absolutely LOVE to see how your mask turned out! Be sure to share it on my Facebook Page and follow me on Pinterest for more awesome craft ideas!

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-Kaitlen D.

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