Use this free printable bear stencil template to unleash your inner artist! Improve your DIY game by incorporating bear cuteness into everything from crafts to animal stencils! This bear stencil will let you become the Picasso of the wildness of forest animals. Download, print, and get ready to have some bear fun!

Free Printable Bear Stencil Template for Kids

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Amid a near-parental meltdown, I ask myself skeptically, “Can a piece of paper with a bear on it save the day?”

Being a parent of two, I’m constantly looking for activities that will keep my children engaged without making our living room like a glitter war zone.

Well, I wasn’t expecting to be astounded by a puzzling bear stencil.

It was like opening Pandora’s box when I showed my tiny tribe this free printable bear stencil template; instead of chaos, an avalanche of giggles, creativity, and a love for all things bear-shaped poured out.

We made cute polar bear crafts out of it for the fridge, walls, and even on our mailbox!

This is more than just a stencil; it’s the key to unlocking a world of bear-shaped surprises.

What’s the secret?

Simply download, print, and have your little bears mix fun and creativity with the free printable bear stencil template! 

Why stick with the same old crafts when a bear-themed wonderland is just a download away?

This free printable bear stencil helps you break free from the monotony without breaking the bank.

Are you prepared to switch things up?

Enjoy all of the sweetness of this bear stencil!

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Free Printable Bear Stencil Template

Bear Stencil Template Supplies Needed:

Fun Ways to Use the Printable Bear Stencil Template

What can be done with a bear stencil?

You might wonder.

A teddy bear stencil?

Polar bear shapes?

The possibilities, after all, are infinite!

From coloring adventures to making bear-themed artworks and learning about shapes and forest animals.

Check out these creative ways to utilize the bear stencil you may print off after downloading it.

Enjoy a bear-y fun day with your children!

1. Forest Animals

Have you ever wondered how to turn learning about forest animals into a wild and wacky adventure that will make your kids smile like a chipmunk with a secret stockpile of nuts?

I understand the feeling of not knowing where to begin, but this printable bear stencil template is an excellent place to start.

There’s a lot more to learn about these amazing animals, and guess what?

We’ll learn about them by working on this template.

Imagine yourself with your children in front of a blank canvas, a bear stencil pattern, and an eagerly awaiting masterpiece.

As you draw, color, or cut those bear lines, help your children visualize themselves traveling far into the forest.

Feel the leaves crunch beneath your artful footsteps.

This is where things get crazy: what if every pencil stroke you make reveals a secret about an animal in the forest?

Seems unrealistic, doesn’t it?

Who cares, though?

For a time, let us be gullible for our children and believe that this bear stencil holds the key to the wild world of fuzzy pals.

The bears are peeking over your shoulder, nodding in approval as you make your own creations with the bear stencil.

It’s so much fun to think about, even for parents!

The stencil is yours to use whenever and however you see fit.

Be it for cute cartoon bear crafts, an interactive book, or a puppet of a forest animal!


Who can resist the charm of crafting a cuddly bear? Let me throw these Heart Bear Craft, Bear Craft, Bear Templates out like confetti at your own bear party!


2. Animal Shapes

We had the most amazing time experimenting with this printable bear stencil template, which transformed into this crazy animal shape fiesta.

We stumbled upon a fun way to explore animal shapes!

We were just ready to sketch a bear when my kids and I began to wonder if there was more to the bear stencil.

With each pencil stroke, it felt like we were discovering a hidden zoo of shapes.

All varieties of bears, including polar and grizzly bears, but also silly snakes and even a monkey or lion!

Isn’t that incredible?

The main attraction was this bear stencil.

It was like we were throwing a shape party, and the animals were invited.

Let your creativity run free and transform your paper into the perfect canvas for an animal shape adventure.

Who knew learning about animal shapes could be so fun?

3. Fun Bear Crafts

Get your paws on the printable bear stencil template.

Print it out and watch marvels happen.

Gather your small squad and imagine you’re in a crafting forest with these little bear cubs.

All set?

Let’s start the bear party!

Would you like to color it?

Transform it into a bear superhero?

A bear detective?

A teddy bear template?

A polar bear craft?

Perhaps a grizzly bear?

Let your inner Picasso come out and flow with the boldest colors.

Blue fur?


Polka-dotted paws?

Why not?

Let the bear-y good times roll and embrace artful chaos.

Once completed, place your bear on a popsicle stick.


There it is—your very own bear puppet!

Print off your bear stencils on a construction paper, cut out the stencil to build a teddy bear silhouette or a black bear shape.

Enjoy the moment, read your favorite bear book, make them dance, and tell bear jokes.

You can send them to someone as a really special surprise or share them with us online.

We hope you have many bear hugs and giggles in your days with our printable bear stencil template!

Printable Bear Stencil Template

Convertkit form:

Remember that crafting fun polar bear crafts or animal stencils is about more than simply drawing detailed polar bears on paper; it’s also about building memories with your kids, laughing, and exploring your imagination.

Whether you’re making a bear wonderland with cute polar bear templates or staging a bear parade, you may create your own world of wacky bear adventure.

We’re only a bear’s hop away from being wowed by your masterpieces.

Share the bear love by sending us your lovely bear artworks via email.

Until next time, keep making bear crafts, and may your days be as joyful as a bear with a honey jar!

When you have finished, be sure to share your creation on Simple Mom Project’s Facebook Page and follow me on Pinterest!

Kaitlen D.

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