This printable bat stencil template is the key to making your crafting time a bat-tastic adventure! With the sleek outline of our bat stencils, you can transform a blank piece of paper into a canvas for your imagination. These stencils are more than just black outlines; they lead to a world of play and imagination. Get it now, print it out, and begin to fall in love with these black bats!

Free Printable Bat Stencil Template for Crafts

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Who knew a piece of paper could hold a parade of black bats, each with their own story?

During a craft night, my kids and I played around with colors and let our imaginations run wild while we worked with our printable bat stencil templates.

Bat stencils and a sea of paper bats filled the room with laughter.

Have you ever seen such a fun way to put your young children’s creativity at their fingertips?

Spoiler alert: our bat stencil stencils, specifically designed for crafts, make it happen!

Give the little bats in your life an exciting and enjoyable craft project experience.

Grab the bat stencil right away!

No need to worry about difficult designs; these bat stencils make bat crafting a breeze!

Who said that family crafts couldn’t be both educational and entertaining?

Don’t worry, our bat coloring pages are here to help!

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Free Printable Bat Stencil Template

Bat Stencil Template Supplies Needed:

Our Favorite Ways to Use the Printable Bat Stencil Template

What are you up to, crafty bats?

We have some good news and simple craft ideas that will transform your children’s crafts sessions into moments of inspiration and laughter!

Watch as they work to bring these creative concepts to life and maximize the printable bat stencil template.

1. Species of Bats

Embark on a bat-inspired learning experience with this printable bat stencil template and discover a whole new world!

Our bat stencils are designed to make learning about different bat species easy, and they provide a fascinating approach for young minds to explore.

Each black bat silhouette represents a unique bat, and as younger kids cut out these bats of different sizes, they learn about the diversity of the bat kingdom.

Kids can use the printable bat stencil template to learn important facts about the different species while also making cute little bat crafts.

Who would have guessed that learning about bat species could be an easy way through a craft session?

It’s an innovative and great way to instill a love of learning and the arts, transforming the bat stencil into an educational experience.


Looking for more free animal stencils to up your craft game? There’s no need to worry because we have the Elephant Stencil, Owl Stencil, and Sea Turtle Stencil. You’re in for a creative treat!


2. Spooky Decorations

Use this printable bat stencil template to create eerie, amazing decorations to turn your space into a spooktacular place!

Utilize the bat stencil as a pumpkin carving stencil or to make a spooky artwork with the flying bat outline.

Make bat-shaped popsicle sticks out of all the leftover stencils you have.

These cute bats can fly from your ceilings with a little bit of masking tape illusions, adding a creepy, fun atmosphere to your room.

Prepare your scissor skills by cutting out bats of all sizes to scatter all over your haunted house.

Are you planning a themed party?

These bat stencils will help you up your decor game and make sure that everyone enjoys the eerie ambiance!

3. Bat Craft Ideas

Our free printable bat templates make it easier than ever to create unique bat shapes.

Trace the simple bat outline onto black construction paper to make a frightful squad of flying creatures.

Your bats will come to life when you give them googly eyes to add a little personality!

These simple bat crafts are also excellent for improving children’s fine motor skills.

Plus, the best part?

It’s a free activity that brings joy and learning into your creative spaces.

Do you want to display your works of art?

Make a gallery out of your kids’ crafts by creating a bat-terrific bulletin board display.

All you need is a glue stick, a little creativity, and, of course, the printable bat stencil template.

You’ve created an easy and fun way with no extra cost for children to have a perfect time while making their own fun bats!

Printable Bat Stencil Template

Convertkit form:

As the season of spookiness starts, there’s no better time to gather the whole family, bring out the craft supplies, and have a great time creating unforgettable memories with the printable bat stencil template.

Explore awesome ideas making easy bat crafts or use the stencil as carving templates.

Don’t forget to share your bat crafts because we’d love to see all of them! 

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