Are you looking for a large and small acorn template to add to your fall crafts? Here’s a free printable Acorn design which is ideal for fun preschool art projects or homeschool coloring crafts. The acorn template makes a great addition to your forest squirrel crafts or even a fall craft stencil. Click here to grab your free Acorn template today! #Acorntemplate #Acornprintable #Fallprintables #Autumnprintables #SimpleMomProject

Free Printable Large, Medium and Small Acorn Templates

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This simple coloring printable features an acorn template that you can use to entertain your preschoolers during the school year or a rainy day.

Whether you want to use this acorn template as part of your arts and crafts sessions or part of your preschool curriculum, I’m confident you’ll love using this preschool coloring page.

Preschoolers learn best through hands-on activities, such as large cut out acorn tree crafts.

This blank acorn template is an excellent way to encourage your preschool students to have fun all the while enhancing their fine motor skills.

Printable fall templates for autumn projects fall crafts fall decor and fall activities 58

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Free Printable Large, Medium and Small Acorn Templates

Materials Needed:

Ideas for Preschool Acorn Template Printable

Below you’ll find some creative ways to use this printable preschool cut out acorn clip art template.

Each of these ideas will work for preschoolers at home, in the classroom, or at school to keep your kids engaged.

1. Autumn Celebration Crafts

Use this acorn template printable as part of your autumn celebration crafts for preschoolers.

You can help your preschoolers learn more about autumn and the importance of a small acorn when you opt to use this acorn tree free printable as part of your autumn celebration crafts.

Have your preschool students cut out the acorn template and use this acorn stencil as a coloring page printable while you discuss the importance of an acorn tree in autumn.

Printable fall templates for autumn projects fall crafts fall decor and fall activities

2. Cut Out Small Acorn Drawing

Another fun way to use this preschool acorn template outline is to use it with your cut out small acorn drawing session.

The acorn template can be cut out and traced using traceable paper for preschoolers.

These traceable large, small and medium acorn templates can help enhance preschoolers’ fine motor skills, creativity, and imagination during the autumn season.

3. Printable Coloring Page

This easy preschool acorn template printable can be used as a DIY coloring page outline.

Download and print the blank acorn template, give your preschoolers some crayons and let them color their small acorn coloring page.

Once your preschoolers are done coloring this free printable, you can have them cut out their acorn template to use for autumn season décor in the classroom or at home.

4. Simple Popsicle Stick Craft

Lastly, this acorn template is an easy cut out clipart acorn drawing that your preschoolers can use as part of their simple popsicle stick craft sessions.

Download and print your squirrel coloring page, and this acorn tree free printable.

Have your preschoolers combine the squirrel coloring page and acorn coloring page to create an autumn scene using both printable coloring pages.

free printable fall acorn template for fall crafts

Free Printable Acorn template for acorn and fall crafts for kids

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Free Printable Small Acorn Template

Free Printable Medium Acorn Template

Free Printable Large Acorn Template

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