3 Easy Ways to Deal with Postpartum Depression

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3 Easy Ways to Deal with Postpartum Depression

When both my girls were born it took a lot out of me. Not only physically, but mentally too. I was depressed for a short while before I felt like myself agent. I cried for several weeks straight for what seems like no apparent reason. In this article, you will find some tips and tricks on how to deal with postpartum depression. We are all in this together and we mommies ALL understand! You can get through this.


What exactly is Postpartum Depression and How to Know if you have it?

It is depression suffered by a new mom right after giving birth to your new baby, This usually comes as a combination being exhausted, the many, many hormonal changes, and mentally adjusting to being a mom.

Are you experiencing anger, anxiety, guilt, hopelessness, loss of interest or pleasure in activities, mood swings, or having panic attacks? Are you more irritable with things that normally wouldn’t bother you? These are all signs that you could be experiencing postpartum depression. I promise that it will be okay though and I am here for you!

Is Postpartum Depression Permanent?

Absolutely not! It typically only lasts only the first few months after giving birth. Below you will find options to treat this without medications. If you are experiencing these feelings for longer than 3-5 months, please, please, please consult with your doctor.

Is it Treatable Without Medication?

Most definitely! Here are some techniques you can use to get through this short phase.

  • Deep Breathing Exercises: Breath in through your nose, hold for 4 seconds and exhale through your mouth. Do this for as long as you need. This will decrease your blood pressure, reduce the stress of having a new little one and can lessen the affects postpartum depression.
  • Exercise: Even if you haven’t exercised in years, a short 10 minute exercise will help. Believe me on this one! I by no means am an exercise buff, but do anything to get your blood pumping. Do some small stretches, taking a walk outside, heck, do what I did and walk in circles around the living room with the baby in your arms. Exercising releases endorphins in your body (similar to the way chocolate does), will boost your self-esteem and lower your heart rate. All a beautiful combination to combat postpartum symptoms.
  • Taking 5 minutes for Yourself: This may be a little challenging with a new little one, trying to keep the house in order, but remember as long as baby is safe, everything else can wait. Take care of yourself first.

What advice or tips do you have to help new mom’s get through postpartum depression?

Being a new mom puts you in an elite group of women. We are a team. I’d love to hear any tips and tricks you may know of that could help other mommies get through their postpartum depression.

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2 thoughts on “3 Easy Ways to Deal with Postpartum Depression

  1. There’s so much that people can do to help them through it. The main thing for me was just the support of my wife. Having her by my side throughout my time with PND was vital in getting myself through the other side.

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