Cut and Paste Heart Animals for Kids

Printable Cut and Paste Heart Animal Craft Bundle

I’m really excited to share fun and festive heart themed animals. These animals are a really fun day to spend some quality time coloring and building with your kids.

This entire set is perfect for making wonderful memories together. The best part is that they’re easy enough for toddlers and preschoolers, yet even older kids will have fun building animals together.

With that in mind, here’s what I’ve included in this printable craft kit:

Heart Bumble Bee
Heart and Circle Penguin
Heart Elephant
Heart Fish
Heart Hippo
Heart Ladybug
Heart and Oval Penguin
Heart Owl
Heart Puppy Dog
Heart Turtle

Printable heart craft templates for kids preschoolers toddlers 1

You can purchase all these fun heart animals to color and build with your little loves for $5.00


Printable heart craft templates for kids preschoolers toddlers 1

If coloring isn’t your thing, you can purchase a full color heart animal set for the same price.

Need both?

Choose full color animals and animals to color on your own combined together for just $8.00.

Cut and Paste Heart Animals for Kids

Great Ideas for Using Heart Animal Printables:

There are so many ways you can spend quality time with your little ones while getting creative.

These printable animal crafts are a fun way to share the love with own children or in your classroom without much prep. Here are some fun ways to use these adorable animals:

  • Skip the mess and order full color animals for your classroom.
  • Set up a hear animal craft table in your classroom and enjoy making themed puppy dogs, lady bugs, and bumble bees together.
  • Spend quality time sharing the love with your little ones while making their favorite animals.
  • Have children make hear animals to give to their friends. 
  • Use heart animals as a decorations in your classroom.

Check back soon for more simple printable craft projects for moms and children of all ages.


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