Red and Green Apple Templates in Large, Medium and Small

Are your kids looking for nice bright red & green apple templates for their spring time crafts? Here’s some easy & free printable apples templates for them to use in both large and small sizes with both red & green apple designs available. What a great way to make simple fruit for your diy apple tree. Click here to grab your free printable red & green apple templates today! #Redappletemplates #Redappleprintables #Greenappletemplates #Greenappleprintables #Appleprintables #SimpleMomProject

This clip art cut out printable features a red and green apple template that you can use to entertain your preschoolers during the school year or a rainy day. Whether you want to use these red and green apple templates as part of your arts and crafts fun or part of your preschool education sessions, I’m confident you’ll love using this preschool fresh fruit printable. Preschoolers learn best through hands-on activities, such as these transparent red and green apple templates. […]

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